Your Own Attitude Is The Engine Of Change

Your own attitude is the engine of change

Our own attitude is the most powerful power we have. Yet so often we ignore them. We also blame others for what happens to us. We complain about all of our problems and feel like we are the victim of our circumstances.

The question we have to ask ourselves is: What is our attitude towards life? Reflecting on this question and seeing whether or not our attitude is good for us makes us more aware of why little or nothing is going as well as we’d like.

Even if we open our eyes wide, we will see that our problems are not as dire as they seem.

“Attitudes are contagious. Is it worth it to get infected with yours? “

Dennis and Wendy Mannering

Choose our attitude in every situation

We can choose how we deal with our living conditions, as we always have at least control over it. Your own attitude is an essential factor. Because thanks to her, we can change what happens to us – or at least decide how to face it. Do we accept it or do we reject it? Are we complaining or are we moving forward? Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say you have a partner who is always complaining. His attitude just keeps getting worse and you get bitter. You know he is a good person, but you are not happy in your relationship. However, you stay in this relationship without making any changes. Meanwhile, you are trying to change your partner. You blame him for making the relationship so bad.

Two hidden faces

From the outside we can see what we have to do: We have two options. One is to accept our partner for who he is. To love and accept him without wanting to change him. The other option would be for us to break up with him and give him the chance to become happy with someone else.

As you can see, your own attitude plays a big role here. It allows us to get out of a situation that we don’t like. This includes making decisions for ourselves, changing ourselves, and not waiting for the other person to do it. The same can be applied to other circumstances. When we get into debt, get unemployed or sick, or when a family member dies.

There is no point in complaining, screaming to heaven and sitting around doing nothing. It is useless to look for culprits when there are none. But it is also useless not to accept what is in store for what it is. We ask meaningless questions like “Why me? What did I do wrong? ” .

“Nothing in itself is good or bad. Our thinking makes it so. “

William Shakespeare

Your own attitude is the strongest driver of happiness

Your own attitude is the strongest drive to happiness, to make decisions and to take a new direction. With the right attitude, we can find happiness or keep it. Because do not forget that we have to find happiness within us, regardless of what is outside.

Thanks to the power of our attitudes, we can see that there are no limits and that we don’t need to feel overwhelmed by our living conditions. No matter how serious a situation may be, like losing a job or getting into debt, we will get through it and find our way out. Our own attitude is our life force.

Woman looking at the purple sky

However, our emotions sometimes tarnish this glimmer of hope. The problems then seem bigger than they need to be. But sooner or later we will have no choice but to accept the situation and move forward. Why don’t we do this from the start? Why do we feel unnecessarily bad?

It is important to trust ourselves and not stay in our comfort zone. When we do that, instead of growing, we are shrinking. As we dwell in it, we watch it narrow until we feel cornered by our own circumstances. But we don’t have to be afraid of changes. Basically, changes are new beginnings, a breath of fresh air in a different direction. It is true that we are going to leave something behind. But what comes our way can offer us something much nicer if we have the patience and intelligence to use it for our benefit. It’s a way to learn, improve, and mature. But also one to recognize that we can deal with the problems that come our way.

Let us not forget that attitudes are the engine of change. We can make decisions to resolve a conflict. We can accept what we don’t like, stop rejecting it, and look ahead. Often times, thoughts about the future make them more difficult to perceive than they really are. But based on our attitudes, we can choose things as simple and essential as the way we look at the world.

Man who plays the guitar for his partner

A small change in your attitude can make a big difference. It can turn an “insurmountable” situation into one that can be overcome. And a painful circumstance into an opportunity to get stronger.

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