Your Heart Is Free … Have The Courage To Listen To It

Your heart is free ... have the courage to listen to him

The heart is free, so our real freedom lies in it. Only it knows what you really want and what you want in every moment. You have to have the courage to listen to it, however, because you won’t always like what it says to you. Therefore, be brave and discover what it is trying to tell you.

Your heart will know what you need even when you think you are completely lost. You just have to listen to it in peace and it will give you its message. Don’t pretend to be deaf out of fear of his answer or because other worries may come to light. Stop to listen to it, it has a lot to tell you.

Your heart is free, listen to him, don’t make yourself comfortable

People who live in socially and economically highly developed societies tend to make themselves comfortable. That is, if someone doesn’t have much trouble having something to eat, finding an apartment and a job, or simply leading a “normal” life, then one is living comfortably. Millions of people have set themselves exactly that as their goal.

Unfortunately, this way of thinking is instilled into us as early as childhood. Who has not heard his mother say , that he should learn in order to get a good job later? So it becomes our priority to lead a comfortable, adjusted life.

However, in many cases, living this adjusted life means not listening to our hearts, which has catastrophic consequences for our lives. Unfortunately, freedom and tranquility don’t always go hand in hand, and in this case it doesn’t have any good results.

Child with heart balloons

Your heart is free

Only your heart is free. Therefore, when you listen to him, it also frees you. Never turn your back on him. Don’t let commitments blind you so much that you can no longer hear his voice. Using only your head is never good, although reasoning is obviously necessary – but feelings, dreams, and emotions are too.

Never forget that your heart is free. It is absolutely necessary to listen to him because your happiness in the world depends on him. Never just let yourself be guided by events and always have your needs, longings, desires and dreams clearly in mind. Only in this way will you be able to fully enjoy life, what you have always imagined. It doesn’t have to be impossible because nothing is impossible.

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