Your Comfort Zone Is A Wonderful Place, But You Won’t Grow There

Your comfort zone is a wonderful place, but you won't grow there

You can only grow if you feel uncomfortable for a while. And that’s not the case in your comfort zone. That’s just the way it is. I’m not saying that everything you want is outside these four emotional walls, but certainly everything you long for.

Beautiful things don’t just happen, but because we attract them and because we give everything to make them happen. We don’t expect a mountain to come to us, we have to move to reach it. Happiness doesn’t come by itself.

In reality , we can only make our dreams come true if we give them an expiration date. Even if this seems strange, it changes something in us. When we are aware that the possibilities that life offers us come and go from one moment to the next, it gives us the energy we need to achieve our goals.

By putting a date on our goals, we can also see that we have not adequately visualized what we want to achieve or that we need to rethink our ideas of what we want most.

The learning zone

Our learning zone is far away from what we already know, what defines our comfort zone. We have to go there in order to broaden our horizons and acquire new knowledge. This is where we stay when we study, observe, experiment, compare, travel and meet new people.

There are many people who love to learn new things and who therefore regularly open up new horizons and perspectives. But there are also many people who are deterred by this and who do not go such routes unless they have to.

These people perceive leaving their comfort zone as a danger, which is why they drive home after work, have dinner with their partner, watch TV and then go to sleep, reducing their lives to these everyday routines.


The panic zone

The panic zone is even further away from the comfort zone. However, this zone only exists for those who live comfortably and do not dare to question their lives. In such a case, people usually say things like, “Don’t do this ”, “ You will fail ”, “The risk of you failing is huge and something bad could happen to you”.

What these individuals are unaware of is that the only way to cultivate a garden full of beautiful flowers is to break with the conventionalisms that we as a person and society impose on ourselves.

The magic zone

This is the zone  where wonderful things happen, we expand our dreams and outdo ourselves.

If you find yourself here, you probably have a lot of fears. You will likely be gripped by an immense fear thinking you have lost your comfort zone, but eventually you will realize that this is not true:  your comfort zone has not been removed from the map, it has grown.

Also, while your tension evoked by your emotional comfort pushes you to step back and not move on, your motivation will lead you to move on, which will eventually make things easier.

It’s normal to be afraid of making a fool of ourselves, of failing, not having time for our family and other activities we enjoy, but the only way to get rid of them is with this in mind what we lack in order to learn to confront.

Now is the moment when you should stop and  think about which of your dreams are really there or not in your life. It’s something that happens to all of us. We collect “days on which nothing happens” in our calendar and simply ignore stations on the train of our lives.

I dare say that when you’re scared, you’re actually scared, but at the same time there’s something that drives you, you’re doing just right. Remember, we cannot discover new oceans unless we don’t mind losing sight of the coast.

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