You Have To Name The Unpleasant Feelings By Their Name

You have to name the uncomfortable feelings by their names

What happens to the nameless fears? Where does your mind store the emotions that you seem to have let go of? How do you deal with the things that cause you pain when you avoid them? Where is the final resting place of dreams that can never come true? All of these things that you don’t mention by name are erased from your memory. You don’t see them anymore.

But just because they’re no longer on the desktop doesn’t mean they lose their potential to harm you. They still hurt in the same way as if you hadn’t talked about them. Even if you don’t say what’s bothering you about yourself, about other people, or what makes you so angry, these things continue to sting your heart. It still hurts when others attack your self-esteem and belittle you, even if you think it has always been like that. If you don’t talk about these things, they just seemingly cease to exist.

But how can you define your fears if you don’t want to name them? Only when you name them do you give them a shape. And that also gives you the opportunity to face them and overcome them at the same time. If you don’t, they will still be there. If you don’t name your thoughts, you will never be able to adequately address them.

The unpleasant feelings remain powerful if you call them by name, but you can then face them.

The weak are unable to forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. “

Mahatma Gandhi

If you don't name your feelings, they retain the power to instill fear in you.

How do the unpleasant feelings that you do not name affect you?

Did you know that a third of people who see a doctor have symptoms for which there is no medical explanation? Your pain is not physical, but psychological. This means that mental pain is just as painful as physical pain. It stays in you without being able to escape and damages your body. All these unpleasant feelings, which you do not name and therefore do not release, cannot be recognized by others, but continue to harm you.

The more time you spend alone with your pain, the more unbearable it becomes. If you don’t let it escape through a valve, you increase your chances of getting sick. For example, if you injure yourself but don’t try to bandage the wound. When you recognize it but don’t talk about it. When you perceive it, but do not stand by yourself. This is how the body and soul get sick.

Suffering alone tears you apart inside. Therefore, there is no better cure than naming your uncomfortable feelings that want to decompose you from within. Call your fears and the injustices of the world by name, but also your dreams. When you name everyone, you have the power to do something for or against them. You can work on them and face them. You can control it.

A woman who frees herself from her chains.

Why is it bad to suppress unpleasant feelings?

It is often not possible for the people around you to understand what you do not say by name. They cannot see the discomfort that you are not expressing. Therefore, you cannot share the weight of these burdens with others. So your uncomfortable feelings continue to torment and haunt you.

Emotions are very important to both your mental and physical health. That is why it is crucial to learn how to recognize and regulate them. According to an article the scientist Philippe Goldin and James Gross, who in the journal Biological Psychiatry  was published, get your emotions with your individual patterns of brain activity together, regardless of whether you make her or not expressed. So if you keep silent about her, it doesn’t erase it. On the other hand, the two have also found that emotional suppression activates the insular cortex and amygdala.

Expressing your feelings will ease some of your pain and reduce the damage it can cause. If you identify the emotions that certain situations arouse in you, you will be better able to face similar situations in the future.

If you let it all out, you will heal yourself. When you let what you have inside of you escape, you shrink the problem until you can finally overcome it. When you call something by name, you give it a form that leaves you no choice but to face it.

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