You Don’t Need These People In Your Life

You don't need these people in your life

“People inspire you or suck you off – so choose them wisely.”

Hans Hensen

Have you ever thought that some people hurt you more than help you? You may not have noticed, but you may also have toxic people around you.

Toxic people decrease your self-esteem, fill you with negativity, and betray you. The people you don’t need in your life are:

1. People who criticize you all the time

There is nothing wrong with being honest and saying what you think. The problem only arises when a person spends much of their time and energy criticizing you without taking appropriate action.

If the criticism isn’t constructive in any way, you shouldn’t be paying close attention to it.

If you don’t want to lose the friendship, explain to the person that their criticism isn’t really helpful. If that doesn’t work, it’s better to keep a little distance.

2. People who take up all of your time

3. People who portray themselves as victims

There are people who enjoy being victims. They do not see the mistakes they make and the mistakes they themselves have made. 

If you have such a person in your life, they will not miss the opportunity to make you feel guilty for everything. It is enough that you allow them to include you in this school game.

That is why it is important not to get involved in these games and to look at the situation from the outside in order to take a different perspective.

4. People who show neither compassion nor empathy

Dalai Lama

The reason you don’t want such people in your life is because they don’t have the ability to understand your problems. Well, in reality they are incapable of understanding anyone around them, or even showing a little solidarity. 

These people often have personality disorders or narcissistic tendencies.

You will find that they are unable to empathize with others, which is actually fundamental to ethical behavior.

5. People who are negative

These people spread negativity like a virus.

My best advice for this is that you avoid these people as best you can. Because once you get in touch with them, you won’t come out that quickly. They are always eager, worried, pessimistic, depressed and never stop complaining.

The main reason these people harm you is because they shorten your lifespan.



6. People who are dishonest

“You lie with words as well as with silence.”

7. People who manipulate or take advantage of you

Some fake friends are only around while they need you. They don’t mind lying to you or saying certain things just to get what they want. They can tell you terrible stories to make you feel empathetic and take advantage of them.

Manipulative friends  know how to get information that reveals your weaknesses and can use it to their advantage. They have no problem abusing your generosity and conscience.

8. People who hurt you for fun

These people take every opportunity to hurt you. They may not even realize it, but they leave a deep scar on your soul. These can be acquaintances, friends or family members.

Do your parents always criticize you when they can? Do you have a friend who makes comments that damage your self-esteem every time?

These people can question your honesty, strength, and abilities. 

These family members and friends are trying to get attention and reinforcement because they don’t know how to ask for it. In their own learning process, they will cause you a great deal of pain, so it is better to distance yourself from them.

Life is complicated enough in itself to mess around with people like that.

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