You Can Say Everything At A Glance

You can say anything with just one look

We don’t have to say anything to each other. All we need is a look that   includes every “I love you” we said to each other, every kiss we exchanged, every promise we made, and every touch we put on our skin was tattooed. Because when your eyes find mine, it does not need words. Our hearts dance to the rhythm of the universe, right there, between your and my gaze.

You are the reason for my empty looks and foolish laughter. You are the person I want to look at every day. And I want to find myself in the warm ocean of your eyes.

Linguists say that while love is the most universal feeling, it is always unique, almost untranslatable into the many languages ​​of the world due to the subtle differences in the way we express it.

In Japan, for example, the term “koi no yokan” refers to something like the intense and inexplicable sensation you feel when you look at someone you fall in love with at first sight.

“I love you”   can be expressed in many different ways in sign language. One way is to lift your index finger, little finger, and thumb. The magic in this gesture is extraordinary because it does not require a voice or words, but the feeling is conveyed in the same way as in any other language.


Perhaps the most universal language to convey true love is that of the looks, in which emotions glow, satisfy and captivate. Love is a moment. It’s a look that attracts you, draws you to someone and you don’t know why.

It is said that love is a firework of neurotransmitters and hormones – and that applies to every promise that can be kept under the covers, but also to every night walk full of kisses and laughter. Because of her, you risk saying “I love you”  even though you are scared, like your whole life depends on it. Because even words can be very beautiful …

One look and “I love you”  in a thousand languages

Perhaps because of this, people have kept trying to express this inexplicable, contradicting, violent and magical feeling.

Let’s look at a couple of examples.

  • Firgun. The Hebrew word means feeling happy because someone you love has done something good.
  • Thorn. The Romanian word refers to the pain you feel when you are not with the person you love.
  • Merak. When you love someone, when you do something that delights you deeply, it feels like you are one with the universe. The Serbians tried to capture this wonderful feeling, so complete and intense, with this word.
  • Cwtch, from the Welsh. It represents the extraordinary hug you get from your partner.
  • Naz, from Urdu. It refers to the pride one feels because one is loved.
  • In the Yámana language, spoken by the indigenous people of Patagonia, the word Mamihlapinatapai describes what happens when two people look at each other and know they like each other but are too shy to take the first step.
loving couple-indigenous-america

Dumb love

No part of the body carries more emotional weight than the eyes. For this reason, the choice of word is not a priority. You very likely know that you are loved much sooner, before those particular words are uttered. You can recognize it by the shimmering eyes, the look that keeps you tied, the one looking for you, the one that doesn’t need subtitles to describe what the soul feels.

Silent love says more than words, a conversation or the most beautiful greeting card in the world. When words stop, hands start looking and mouths find each other to paint a picture with kisses. Bodies touch to play the true game of love, where there is silence and everything is real.


Still, we will always communicate with one another to build love. Be it gestures or a language that we first have to learn in order to communicate with others: We communicate in order to ignite the spark that has been kindled in the heart.

According to Gary Chaman, author of The 5 Languages ​​of Love , the physical expression of affection and passion is only part of what makes a stable and happy relationship. People need affection, empathetic communication and understanding from their partner, who must be able to put into words everything he expresses with his eyes.

Because as they say, love begins with a look, is spoken with a word, felt with a kiss and sometimes it dissolves in a tear.

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