Worry And Fear Are Best Friends

Worry and fear are best friends

Concern is the real core of fear. Once started, it cannot be stopped. This emotion is as damaging as raging anger or rage because it is slowly “working up” on us. Sometimes it can downright immobilize us. Worrying also has a huge impact on our health. Our bodies tense up and we feel a lot more restless and angry.

It is true that everyone worries from time to time. This is something natural and perfectly normal. The problem only arises when the fear affects us bit by bit. Worrying unduly and holding yourself accountable for almost everything is one of the biggest problems for many people.

Kurt Goldstein

Worrying for nothing

Recall what worries have a lot to do with: how we view different situations and how we face them. So some people never seem to be concerned about anything and others always worry about every little thing. Is it really a good idea to rack your brain like that?

Worrying can be positive. When you think about the situation that is tormenting you at the moment and then finally find a solution. But if you spin in the hamster wheel of your own worried thoughts until the never-ending day, nervousness, tension and restlessness suddenly appear on the scene.


The truth is that worry is related to fear. So sometimes it is a good thing to stop and wonder if there is anything in our life that we are not doing well. Sometimes we are very aware that there is a certain situation that we find uncomfortable. But because we don’t permanently abolish it, it creates recurring negative thoughts that can affect our health in the longer term.

Dale Carnegie

Worries have a main mandate for us: “Please find solutions to possible threats!” However, they are also there to ensure that we implement these solutions. If that doesn’t happen, our minds will repeatedly alert us that we still have a solution to the problem. And so one concern after the other develops.

Then these thoughts can put another type of pressure on you to make you aware that you can no longer ignore the situation: dizziness, nausea, pain in the body, restlessness, racing heart. These symptoms can appear suddenly for no apparent reason. But then you already know that there are good reasons for this. Then it’s time to take action.

I want to stop worrying too much

To put an end to the worry program, we need to act. If we let all the thoughts on our minds go on as usual, and if we deny that there is a problem we need to solve, the pile under the rug just keeps getting bigger. Until our health is affected.

At this point, we’d like to share a few simple steps with you. With their help, you can start worrying less right away. As we’ve already explained, it’s time to make a difference, think less, and put things into action:

  • Write down what is worrying you. You may not see the point in writing down everything that goes through your head. But if you try it, you will find that it works like a healing ointment. In addition, you can organize your thoughts by writing them down. You can then see things more clearly.
  • Ask yourself questions. When we worry, we need to ask ourselves questions. For example, whether it is really in our power to change the situation that is so troubling us. Then, when you find that there is nothing you can do about it, you can also stop worrying about it.
  • Go ahead and do it right away. If you think about what you have to do to solve the problem that torments you and then postpone the solution, the mountain of worries only grows. Remember the saying: “What you can get today, don’t postpone it until tomorrow.”
  • Get support from the people you love most. Now is the time to share your worries with the people you blindly trust. They may be able to help you see the situation in a different light. They can also help you clear your mind again.
  • Think about the benefits. Okay, you are afraid to face a certain situation. But remember: Nothing is worse than worrying all the time. It can be scary to face a situation. Especially when we don’t know how to solve it or how it will turn out in the end. With all that said, think about the benefits of tackling it. Think of the great burden that will then be taken off your shoulders.

Sherri Paricio Bornhoft

Worrying is a good thing, but also make sure that worry doesn’t become a permanent guest in your life. When fear knocks on your door, it gives you a warning that something is wrong. This is the moment when you may wonder why you aren’t doing anything about it.


Not moving and continuing to worry is not a viable solution. Talk to loved ones, write down your problems, and make an effort to resolve them once and for all. Even if you are scared, remember that if you don’t stop, things will get worse and worse. Isn’t it worth taking a chance? After all, you have nothing to lose …

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