Why It Is Difficult For You To Relax

Do you feel like you are unable to relax properly? You try and you know the techniques, but you still don’t get the results you want. Why is that?
Why you have a hard time relaxing

Unconscious blockages and discomfort often make it difficult to relax, even in situations in which you are not stressed. It can be about fears, childhood experiences or simply unhealthy living habits. The main reasons also include social expectations and external constraints. If you are having a hard time relaxing, we recommend reading this article. We talk about possible causes, which at the same time give you clues to solutions.

1. The cult of productivity

To really relax, you need peace and quiet. However, we live in a world that demands exactly the opposite: to be constantly on the move and to exchange information without a break. Most people suffer from hectic lifestyles. Companies want agile, fast people who are able to work at any time.

This has changed the whole of society to a great extent. Many feel guilty, lazy, or irresponsible when they are resting. Not being productive is wasting time. It is best to do several activities at the same time: multitasking is a sought-after skill in the cult of productivity.

Active time is so important that even the thought of taking a break is frowned upon. Undoubtedly, relaxation under these conditions is a utopia.

A woman who feels stressed out

2. Appearances prevent you from relaxing

Another major obstacle that counteracts relaxation is the weight of the externals. Another cult has established itself in the last few decades: the cult of the body, which has become an important leisure activity for many.

The cult of the body requires exercise, an appropriate diet, sun, abstinence and many other challenges that can have a negative impact on health. In this case, however, it is not necessarily about health, but much more about conforming to the prototype of beauty. Do you still have time to relax with these challenging goals?

Reflect on yourself in order to recognize your goals

3. Addiction makes it difficult for you to relax

We’re talking about being dependent on ideas, habits, emotions, mistakes, and many other things that condition you. They hold you back and prevent changes that are necessary. You hold on to it to feel safe. But often it will help you if you leave your comfort zone.

Your addiction does not allow you to think and act freely. It prevents control of your own mind and creates tension between your desires and habits. While change can be exciting, you shouldn’t resist, as this won’t bring you relaxation either. You will not win the battle against reality.


As long as you are stressed, cannot find inner balance, and are dependent on things that hold you back, you will find it difficult to relax. Try to manage your emotions properly and take time out. Mental hygiene is the magic word!

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