Why Is It So Important To Remember What Makes Us Successful?

SWOT analysis is a tool that allows us to analyze reality on an objective level, taking into account internal and external aspects and assessing the opportunities and threats.
Why is it so important to remember what makes us successful?

Would you like to analyze every aspect of your personality, discover your strengths and learn to promote them in order to find out how you can be successful? In this article, we’re going to give you some tools to do that.

What if we could only remember what we can do? What if we forgot the path that led us to our goal? The answer is obvious: it would be very difficult for us to re-pursue the strategies that led us to success.

We would no longer know that it is above all our persistence with which we can go far. In addition, most of all we would forget that we made it with our efforts, frustrations, motivation and effort. That is why it is so important that we remember what makes us successful.

How did you get to where you are now? Surely it is easy for us to identify the part of our personality that we want to improve or on which we want to work harder. We know what we don’t like or what keeps causing us problems.

What makes us successful

But it is often much more difficult to answer the question, which characteristics make you strong, unique and yourself? Let us now try to find out and see if this causes us more trouble than to identify our weaknesses.

So now we are already in the process of remembering what makes us successful. We become aware of the characteristics that define us and what emerges when we are faced with challenges.

We reflect on the path that promises us success, identify stepping stones and hurdles, but also see where we fail. In this way we can learn from our experience and head in the right direction in the future: what worked well, we can do the same next time.

We confront problems that have thrown us off track in a different way when we face them again. We can ask for help again from the person who gave us a hand at a difficult moment. But above all, we know that we can trust ourselves. If we’ve done it once, why not a second time?

SWOT: A valuable tool

SWOT is an abbreviation for the English terms for strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. This describes a tool that enables us to analyze reality on an objective level, taking into account internal and external aspects and assessing the opportunities and threats.

This strategy was initially developed for companies and generally for the economy in order to be able to analyze work and the market. However, it soon became apparent that personality and individual abilities can also be analyzed in this way!

SWOT analysis

This is how the SWOT analysis works

As already indicated above, the name of this technology is derived from its four components: weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats. The weaknesses and strengths result from what the individual brings with them. Opportunities and risks, on the other hand, are based on external influences.

  • Here we are referring to the internal aspects of the individual that should be worked on. It is those qualities that we identify as sources of stress or problems, what we want to improve in ourselves. In short, it is the obstacles that we must face and overcome. Examples of weaknesses related to a person’s intrinsic characteristics are: a lack of will, low tolerance for frustration, or an inability to speak in public.
  • It takes a thorough introspection to recognize our strengths, to find out what makes us special, what we have, what sets us apart from others. For example, creativity can be useful in finding solutions, in order to find new ways that are less of a test of our sometimes lack of will.
  • In this point we refer to the external aspects that influence our personality, our development or any other context in which we want to move and pose a risk. They have to be recognized and taken into account if we are to create opportunities that enable us to be successful. For example, if we have to speak in public and know that it is difficult for us, we can prepare the presentation particularly well and thus give ourselves an extra dose of self-confidence.
  • This is about those external aspects with which we can expand our strengths and work on our weaknesses. The aim is to use the resources that are available to us intelligently in order to achieve a better overall result. Examples include enrolling in a class that teaches confident public speaking, or purchasing a DVD of physical exercise to use at home. The choice of a balanced diet also falls into this category. These are all possibilities that we have, but which we must actively seize.

What makes us successful: The SWOT analysis provides answers

The SWOT analysis has proven practical and effective. As we have seen, it can be applied to an entire company, a work group, or our family. However, it is no less useful when we use it to put our personal environment in order with its individual and external factors.

In addition, it is a tool with which we can start working on the details that we want to work on today. We don’t always have to carry out an extensive analysis in order to benefit from SWOT: we can address our weaknesses today and our strengths tomorrow. In other words, SWOT leaves it up to us to be creative and tailor the analysis to suit our needs.

Barefoot on the way to success

This method trains us in identifying and reflecting on our characteristics, whether they are beneficial or rather hindering, whether we like them or not. When we know who we are, who we want to be, and what resources are available to us, we can do incredible things. Shaping the path that will lead us to success is an incredibly satisfying experience.

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