White-collar Criminals: Personality And Psychological Characteristics

The economic criminal is very dangerous because of his ability to drink from the weaknesses of the system and can harm many, directly or indirectly.
White collar criminals: personality and psychological characteristics

The term economic crime was coined in 1939 by the sociologist Edwin Sutherland. Essentially, he defined it as an economic crime committed against a company by an expert. White  collar criminals tend to be of high social rank and are wealthy. That is precisely why it is incomprehensible at first glance that they deliberately harm others.

In most cases, it simply conceals ambition and a desire for power. White collar criminals have been around since ancient times, it’s not a modern phenomenon. Various studies have analyzed the  typical profile of a white collar criminal, which in most cases corresponds to that of a psychopath. 

White collar criminals: personality and psychological characteristics

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Antisocial Personality Disorder, or ASF, is a condition that both sociopaths and psychopaths suffer from. Sociopaths have some regret and can develop bonds with loved ones. A psychopath, on the other hand, is unable to feel guilty and only uses others to achieve his goals.

This personality disorder is characterized by a persistent predisposition to antisocial behaviors. An example of this is a persistent violation of social and legal norms within the community.

People with this type of disorder lie and cheat others for their own benefit or simply for fun or pleasure. This inevitably ends with criminal behavior and forms the core of the white collar criminal.

White collar criminals: personality profile

The white collar criminal usually has some training or at least knowledge. He has a good reputation, is successful, is refined, charming and charismatic. Everything, however, is a facade following a deliberate and calculated plan to achieve its purpose.

Psychopaths don’t respond to situations in the way most people would. They have an inability to distinguish right from wrong, that is, they fail to understand why cheating or lying is reprehensible.

The vast majority of researchers agree that psychopathy is the result of an interaction between biological, social, and psychological factors. They warn that the combination of these three factors can lead to this condition.

Characteristics of the psychopath

The predominant traits of the psychopath included empty, superficial, and artificial relationships. They watch others try to decipher their behavior in order to mimic emotions they are not feeling.

Their inability to love, cry, or laugh leads them to fake these types of emotions. The only kind of “empathy” they experience is utilitarian. They do it to camouflage themselves within society and thus go unnoticed.

Although they know the social norms and laws very well, they only adhere to them when it suits them. The behavior of the psychopath not only determines the rhythm of his existence, but also pursues control over the lives of others.

For the most part , he appears to be a charming, even charismatic person, but basically he’s a great manipulator. He is intelligent and often resorts to lies to seduce and trap potential victims.

Psychopaths simulate a normal life and are very careful and strategic in assessing the risks of their criminal activities. Hence, unless they make a notable mistake or a violent crime, it is quite difficult to expose them.

White collar criminals: personality and psychological characteristics

Psychopaths and white-collar criminals often arouse admiration

Unfortunately, in some professional situations, the psychopath enjoys a certain appreciation and admiration. Society values ​​the ability of these people to exploit the weaknesses of the system in their favor.

Aspects such as risky behavior, unrepentant, manipulative ability and the pursuit of success at any price are rated positively. In this way, the psychopath or white-collar criminal can achieve short-term successes in his criminal career.

The disastrous “model of success” implemented in some societies highlights the characteristics of the psychopath. In general, people are unaware of the real consequences of their actions. They only realize their mistake when it is too late and they are the victims of abuse of power. The typical example are dictators.

White collar criminals benefit from permissive legislation

It should be noted that in most countries white collar criminals receive special treatment for their crimes. The legislation of these states differentiates between common criminals and white-collar criminals, with the latter being given a favorable position.

In many cases it is precisely the corruption of the institutions, combined with lax laws , that the perpetrators of these crimes do not pay an exemplary fine. Therefore, many experts consider white collar criminals to be the most dangerous criminals.

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