When We Make Life Difficult For Ourselves

When we make life difficult for ourselves

As I figure out how to wrap the subject of this article, I am listening to a song by Spanish singer Laura Ordoñez and her music helps me think about what I want to convey. I hear her say to me: “Fear, fear haunts you …” and I wonder if she could be right about that and if we are making life difficult for ourselves because we are our greatest enemy.

It is my head that screams that I should show it possibilities , but I cannot comply with this request. And yet I try to blame some ghosts that don’t even exist. And if they really exist, I give them power by letting them float around in my head and so they block me.

As I envision the ways I could keep writing this article, I understand that the best solution for my own good would be to tear down walls after accepting their existence. Remember that external enemies are nightmares to leave behind, but internal enemies are in search of understanding and want to be nourished.

Control your fears

Just imagine that you can do it and that your fear, your greatest enemy, loses the battle. Wouldn’t that be great? Fears that limit us have control over us because the only thing they want is to see us on the ground. But I can control fears that I give a name to and use them to create a stronger sense of self-worth.

“Don’t call anyone a coward who is afraid, just hold them in your arms and tell them that on closer inspection the monsters only exist until you give them a name.”

Elvira Sastre

Child is watching monsters

So often we have had tons of dreams and have believed that we cannot even begin to approach them because circumstances or people do not allow it. And in most of these cases we have forgotten that the others can only dispose of us as much as we allow, and that once we have figured out a solution for them, things are not so bad.

See difficulties as motivation

Circumstances or people can both become problems. For my part, I have countless problems of all kinds, which are probably different from yours, as we are all different and so are our lives. Also, there are these “relative difficulties,” which means that what is a minor matter to you can be a huge problem for me.

In addition , we all have one and the same emotional need: to be healthy and mentally balanced. As soon as the thought occurs to me that I am incompetent, that I am wrong more often than I am right, that I need something but feel unable to achieve it, I create an incredibly large rival in my head against me fights.

“We have to give willpower to our weaknesses.”

Carlos Slim

Woman runs through the fog

There is no feeling worse than the one that horribly makes us our greatest enemy. Then why don’t I try to look at all of these awkward situations as motivation? I decided to make a list of all the stumbling blocks on my way and make a place out of them that will help me feel closer to heaven and more distant from the ground to which I see myself chained.

Your happiness is in your hands

Now I hear another song, but the singer is still Laura Ordoñez. She sings: “Could I change something?”   I have decided – if I am my toughest rival myself – that only I can change something and will do that until I find peace. I will try to be more courageous to let go of the past and resentment and hatred from me. I will no longer lie to myself and above all I will let the judgments of others who just want to hurt me ricochet off me.

Woman catches confetti

External enemies get bigger as the internal enemies start to grow. Because it is almost as if they were an opportunity to discover your vulnerable side and then to destroy your willpower plan to look ahead. So the first thing I want to do is avoid hurting myself and give myself the opportunity to be my best friend.

The fact is, only a good friend wants my happiness. I want to be happy and have my luck in my own hands. I’ve had enough of the pain and suffering that others and my own life cause me. Why should I set boundaries for myself? Why should I forbid myself from dreaming and realizing my dreams? There are many stars in my sky, just waiting for me to reach for them.

“I survived myself and you will not kill me.”

Nerea Delgado

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