When Someone Hugs You With Their Eyes

When someone hugs you with their eyes

I love these people who have the special ability to hug me with a look. You can be completely still and not say anything, but they still reach me in my most difficult moments. Isn’t it amazing how some people can say so much at a glance? These people don’t ask anything of me, nor do they harass me. You are just with me.

They are people in whose presence I feel at home. These people seem to have magical abilities and hearts so big that it doesn’t seem to fit in their chests. Your presence calms me down and strengthens me so that everything seems possible to me. These people are kind and inspiring, but what really sets them apart is their charity, love for those around them.

I admire these people. They are my role models and their existence is what I value most in life.

“I know of no other sign of superiority than kindness.”

Ludwig van Beethoven

A boy who goes to hang up the moon

Magical people who hug you with a look

I love the magic of these special people. They have the ability to convey peace and inspiration, make you feel that every moment you spend with them is special. These magicians among the people are thoughtful, polite and have a great sense of responsibility and, above all, respect.

While they are masters of nonverbal language, they use words when the time is right. They don’t say too much or too little. Their words are like a seed that they plant in others. They sow into you so that a beautiful flower can grow in you: self-esteem. But this flower can only bloom if you nourish your soul and take care of yourself.

That is the magical ability of these people. You have the talent to set amazing things in motion and yet you are full of humility. Their strategy is to use silence to create feelings, heal wounds, and show others how to do the same without ever seeing them as individuals who might not be able to meet them on an equal footing.

You also know when someone needs a hug when they’re feeling down. That is why we feel secure in the presence of these people. As if we were protected because they put an invisible cloak around us. This cloak is woven for peace and security and is sewn together with threads of love.

There are magical people out there. I swear I saw her. We can find them in the most remote corners of our planet where they hide their true selves. They try to act like everyone else. This is why it can be so difficult to spot them at times. You should never let go of your memory of her. Don’t tell anyone, but I know their magic is so great that if they touch you once they will shape you forever.

Weather frogs that let the sun shine on a rainy day

People who hug you with their eyes aren’t just special because of their magic. Something in the light they send out sets them apart from others. They exude a quality that extends for miles. Even if you have closed your eyes, you will be able to feel it because their charisma is so great.

They are experts at filling other people’s rainy days with light. Those times when you cannot find joy, you have lost your motivation and sadness overwhelms you. While these people don’t promise you the blue sky, they’ll listen to you. So you feel confirmed and understood. They make you feel love.

A hand is holding a heart.

They are the people who bring light when your days seem dark but never force you to shine yourself. They understand that everyone needs help on rainy days so that at some point they will be able to bring light to others when they need it.

They have a lot of patience and are great at giving you space as well as allowing you to make mistakes. These magicians are so good at empathizing with other people that it almost looks like they are from another planet.

This special kind of person has a sense of togetherness, building trust and investing in other people. We just have to look in their eyes and we will see it. “I’m here” or “Don’t worry” are two of the messages that your eyes always convey.

These people will never do anything to slow you down

They will always be there for you, but they will never do anything that would stop you from growing. So they won’t be overprotective or tell you to run away from something or avoid challenges. They think that once you are over your crisis, you need to move on and grow.

“We have to pay attention to details. They are the little stones that pave the way for us in life. “

Katherine Pancol

People who can hug you with their eyes are absolutely unforgettable. The best thing you can do when you have them in your life is to take care of them, spend time with them, and of course, appreciate what they do. Because even if they have infinite affection, they should still get something in return. You should take care of those who care about you because they deserve and need it too.

Thank you, dear magical people. Thank you for offering us your friendship and company.

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