Today Could Be A Good Day To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Today could be a good day to get out of your comfort zone

“If we want to grow, we have to leave our comfort zone again and again.”

John Maxwell

You determine the perfect time to leave your comfort zone. And when the time comes, you need courage and conviction. This decision is a leap of faith in the world, and requires a step that should be taken with a strong mind and a determined heart. She initiates a change that finally brings you closer to the person you really want to be.

Leave the comfort zone. You hear and read it everywhere. The concept is becoming increasingly popular in the field of personal growth, so we need some clarification on our part. For example, when it comes to the pressure that we often feel, which literally pushes us out of our comfort zone. We are pushed to change something, because change is a positive, rewarding thing, as one tries to convince us.

Yes, it really helps to develop a new perspective. It makes us more receptive to all the opportunities that are waiting to be used on the horizon. Opportunities that we sometimes pass up due to indecision, fear, or shyness. For example, advertisements constantly invite us to try new products. To refrain from the brand we know and trust and to turn to a new, better one. Another example: the partner suggests moving in together. There will always be someone who will tell you it is time to get out of your comfort zone.

A girl on a mountain plays the flute.

But this term should not be used so lightly. The original comfort zone theory contained basic, essential principles that we have since forgotten. We really need to know ourselves to decide when and how to give the world that leap of faith. Because the last thing we want is for our jump to be a free fall. So we need to learn to recognize when that perfect time has come.

Your comfort zone – where everything is great

We were given the idea that magic only exist outside of our comfort zone. Well, there are different nuances of magic. The magic is actually inside you and you feel good when you are where you want to be. When you are in a place that makes you happy and content. Sometimes you have to climb the mountains of your everyday, comfortable surroundings to discover something new. Something that fits what you really need and want to do.

“A scholar who loves convenience cannot be considered a scholar.”

Lao Tse

But that also means that our familiar surroundings sometimes give us exactly what we need. This is how some people build their happiness – and it’s perfectly fine.

To understand the concept of the comfort zone a little better, it will be helpful to look at its origin.

The origin of the comfort zone

In the 1980s, scientists investigated the temperature range in which people can work under optimal conditions without feeling too warm or too cold. They found that the thermal comfort zone is 20-24 ° C.

Later a book with the title was Danger in the Comfort Zone   (to German: risk in the comfort zone , not available in German) published. The author Judith M. Bardwick used the term comfort zone in it and applied it to the area of ​​personal growth. She defined it as a state in which people act without fear.

Well, what if we always act without fear? There are no innovations, we don’t get creative, we have no incentive. The comfort zone is an environment in which there is such a strong control over our environment that we do not have to create anything new. Nothing original comes from this place of comfort.

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In the new millennium, the concept of the comfort zone was redefined and talked about an “optimal performance range”. In this, a little fear and stress will help people perform better. A little excitement is what drives us to look for alternatives and think more creatively. It encourages innovative thinking, but always with a certain sense of control.

So we should remember an important detail: it is not always a good idea to take a leap of faith without a parachute and with your eyes closed. If you step out of your comfort zone with too much enthusiasm, you can run straight into the danger zone.

I am the only one who decides how and when to leave my comfort zone

Sometimes we are pushed out of our comfort zone not to seek success but to survive. The young man who leaves home to work abroad does not necessarily seek adventure. Perhaps he is going into forced exile in search of better options.

“We cannot become what we want to be by staying what we are.”

Max DePree

A person who leaves their partner after 10 or 20 years of living together does not do so in order to achieve success elsewhere. She does it to become happy again, to preserve herself and her dignity. So we have to do more than listen to the so-called gurus who tell us that people are feeling way too comfortable and remember that stepping out of your comfort zone is not a light-hearted decision. Changes are initiated because there are concrete and objective needs.

Only you can unlock the doors of your comfort zone to find out what’s behind them. You are the one who has to decide when to do this.

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