To Be Alone To Think Of Everything And Nothing

To be alone to think of everything and nothing

I love these moments when I can be alone, when I can think about everything and nothing, free myself from pressure, tension and fears. In these moments the world is at my feet and I feel as free as never before.

During the course of each day, you need a few moments to yourself so that you can find yourself. In those moments, your gaze out of the window may stay on the horizon and you notice how you leave your everyday worries behind you and at the same time think about everything and nothing. There are few things that are more satisfying. 

Frederick Law Olmsted was a famous landscape architect, he designed, among other things, Central Park in New York. Olmsted always believed that people need daily contact with “green zones”. Only there you can switch off from civilization and enjoy a few moments alone, which make it possible to come back into contact with your own essence. 

Indulging in these moments of self-connection has very positive effects on mental health. Contact with nature or simply an open window that allows you to look further than the next wall have a stimulating effect on the brain. This is how you create an island of peace, which is definitely worth the effort.

We invite you to reflect on it.

Refreshing swim in a mountain lake

When the emotional and mental batteries are empty

We all need our personal space. Children look for magical corners under stairs that function like a door to another world in which they can be free. Young people often defend the privacy of their room like someone who has to hide in a bunker. As you grow up, you conquer the public spaces, but in return you often lose the ones under the stairs and the children’s bunker.

Dates, goals to be achieved, responsibilities and obligations – you are actually always planning. You spend the day in your environment and may not be able to establish a connection to your inner being, even if you allow yourself a breather. Little by little and maybe even completely unnoticed, your emotional and mental batteries are draining.

The psychologist and brain researcher David Strayer emphasizes that this mainly affects the prefrontal cortex, the command center of the brain. It should be taken seriously if someone has the feeling that their battery is empty, because a stressed brain shows clear abnormalities in the  electroencephalogram , including an increase in theta waves, which indicates a reduced ability to concentrate, relax and remember.

Purple balloon over lavender field

So it makes sense to go back at least an hour a day to those moments when you were looking for secret corners to cut yourself off from the world. In this way you allow yourself to dream, to let yourself be carried by everything and nothing, and you can feel as free as you did then.

You should also keep in mind that constant stress and tension trigger the release of stress hormones, which inform your brain of an ongoing threat. This state is very stressful for the body and mind. It is therefore important to offer your brain peace and, above all, security. We’ll explain how to do this below. 

Hand streak through the ears of the grass

How to make a healthy connection with yourself

First of all, you should realize that locking yourself in a room or going to a park is not enough to find that inner balance that allows you to let go of stress and pressure. What else can you do? Everyone is different and must therefore create their very own mental palace, i.e. a state in which they can be alone and feel free. A couple of ideas would be:

  • Leaving home to run or take a walk. That is therapeutic and liberating. You can relieve tension and at the same time create and enjoy a wonderful inner silence. You are alone with your thoughts while your body feels alive and free.
  • To be alone does not mean to escape from the world, but to unite with it. Your loved ones may not understand why you want to be alone for a few moments each day. You don’t have to explain anything, because needs are not justified, they are met and enjoyed.
  • You are in a place of retreat to which your fears have no access. You can draw an imaginary line around this place that tension, fear, or uncertainty cannot cross. Search the horizon and allow your gaze to immerse yourself in the calm of the evening hours and cuddle up in the calming colors.
  • Come home, take off your shoes, sit on the sofa and watch the afternoon come to an end alone with the window open. For many it sounds like loneliness, for others it is freedom.

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