This Cute Short Film Gives You A Lesson About Love And Relationships

This cute short film will teach you a lesson about love and relationships

One speaks and hears a lot about love in the course of life. And while there are a variety of definitions of love, the main thing is that love is something you feel, which is why you can’t achieve much if you try to describe it in words …

There is romantic love, wild love, fleeting love, eternal love, true love. Everything depends on the people who are exposed to their effects, who feel their fire and their fate stands and falls with what these people are willing to do to nourish them.

Yes, to feed. Because even if love suddenly appears, two people have to work on it together to maintain it. Two who are willing to carry on under their influence, to grow personally and together. The short film we brought with us today can help you understand this.

One love, one encounter

Perhaps you once fared like the protagonists of our short film Taking Pictures  and all of a sudden you met your love. Love at first sight, so to speak. Or maybe that feeling was the fruit of a slow development between you and the other person.

But no matter how it ultimately happened, the point is that your love has increased with each meeting between you. The first few times you are foamed with emotions and enthusiasm, caught up in being in love. Your only incentive was to “see you again” and the hours until the next meeting became an infinity, just like it happens in the short film.

take pictures
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In love one has the same goal

Now you know what the secret to love and relationship building is. However, we must not forget to mention another important aspect to be aware of: in love, one is aiming for the same goal.

Even if each of us has his own preferences and peculiarities, his values, his way of working and being, and of course you have to respect the individuality of the individual, even when you are in a relationship: Despite all this, it is safe that in love one has a common goal.

This means that you not only respect the intimacy of your partner, but that there is an understanding of the direction in which you are moving. Because we cannot grow together if our paths, wishes or visions do not have a common goal.

The short film uses this as a metaphor. Both protagonists suddenly meet, exuberantly and enthusiastically, each with their own, individual goal: to capture the beauty of a pigeon in a photo. And that is exactly what becomes their first common goal.

And therein lies the wisdom of a relationship: knowing how to be yourself when the two of us are at the same time in order to build love with a common goal.

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