There Are Certain Times In Life To Ask Questions And Find Answers

There are certain times in life to ask questions and find answers

The more time we spend in this uncertain and sometimes boisterous but always wonderful sea that is called life, the more we become aware that there are certain times to ask questions and yet others to find answers. In fact, it’s probably true that everything has its time and everything happens at a certain moment.

In Buddhism they say that sometimes we humans would look for what we are not yet ready to find. Yet it is in our genes to be curious, it is just part of us to ask ourselves questions, to exhaust everything and to make sense of everything and every fact that we are faced with at a certain moment or that troubles us.

“If we believe that we have all the answers, the questions suddenly change.”

Mario Benedetti

Michael F. Steger, psychologist, believes that the questions an adult asks himself about the mysteries of his existence are not the same as those asked by someone in their forties and in the most creative phase of their life and head of the laboratory for the “Quality of Life Study”. No doubt each phase of life brings with it its own questions, but it is precisely these doubts about life that drive our inner engine to grow and develop.

Another aspect that we should also think about is how do we find answers to all these doubts about our existence that every human being has from time to time. Questions like: Is that all that life has in store for me or is something else waiting for me? Am I ready to do something better or should I be satisfied with what I have? Is that the kind of love that deserve? Why haven’t I found the perfect partner yet?

Questions like these are definitely the most common questions we ask ourselves and the ones that besiege our minds the most, which can be found in every heart that yearns for the lovely scent of something more authentic, something more important.

We would like to invite you to think about it with us.

We find an answer to every question as soon as there is calm

The Spanish scientist and writer Gregorio Marañón once said that one day we will all suffer from an illness, but the hustle and bustle will kill us. We live in a fast-paced society and it’s so hectic that we even find parents who wish their children would skip certain phases of their lives to master skills like spelling and intersection as soon as possible.

“We are in such a hurry to do something, to write and no longer listen to our voice in the infinite silence that we forget the only really important thing: to live.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

In addition, we now come across manic-hectic behavior in our everyday life: Our thoughts are so focused on the future that we don’t live the present, but we live in the morning that has not even begun because our here is closed to us very absorbed. Hustle and bustle has already become a lifestyle and even a status symbol. If we pause, it is only because we have no ideas, are not productive or efficient. But in truth, this negative present attitude only makes us more and more dissatisfied with our life and we ask ourselves a lot more questions than we can find answers.

If we always direct our focus only to the future, then this forces us to be souls wandering aimlessly without consciously and truly perceiving the present. Because we do not see the here and now, we will never find answers to our most important needs. We live with this uncertainty year after year and are plagued by feelings of frustration. The mind – and we must not forget that – needs rest to connect with its roots, with the environment, our feelings, etc.

Because it is precisely there that we find the best answers, in this sea of ​​serenity that characterizes a relaxed mind; that mind that understands that sometimes the real talent is knowing when to let go and switch off. If you haven’t achieved something this year, just set it as a goal for the year ahead.

The meaning of life is a matter of opinion

The Austrian neurologist Viktor Frankl once spoke of how important it is that we humans develop a targeted awareness. That is, the simple fact of having a goal and struggling to truly believe in something already enables us to become freer, more responsible, and more aware of the reality around us. Setting a goal in life means finding meaning in life, and that is worth more than any answer.

“The wise one is not the one who has the best answers, but the one who asks the best questions.”

Claude Lévi-Strauss

Yet sociologists tell us that we humans would be influenced by what surrounds us. Our family, upbringing we have enjoyed, and the psycho-social environment occasionally influence this purposeful awareness. We should keep that in mind. Because understanding the window through which we see and understand life helps us to get to know ourselves better and to find the best answers to our questions.

Here are a number of approaches that can help you examine some areas of your life to find answers to questions we all ask ourselves at certain moments:

  • Hedonimsus: Life means above all to enjoy and to concentrate our existence on the beautiful things in life.
  • Materialism: The greatest goal in life is to own as many things as possible.
  • Altruism: In this case, our greatest need is undoubtedly to sacrifice ourselves for others.
  • Sensationism: This is about living your life by experiencing as many things as possible, no matter what.
  • Psychologism: We align our personal fulfillment with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
  • Theism: We focus on an existence based on religious belief and spirituality, whereby we see life and our own existence in terms of a goal.
  • Love: Life is first and foremost about loving and being loved.
  • Rationalism: Our goal is to acquire a wide variety of knowledge.
  • Militarism: Life is about survival, sometimes against one or against another.

This list is only intended as a guide. It is up to us to find that individual and special purpose in life that defines us, guides us in order to provide ourselves with the best answers when we mobilize all of our psychological resources and motivations with regard to these goals.

And what is your goal in life?

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