The Truth Satisfies The Soul

The truth satisfies the soul

Lying or not telling the truth so as not to hurt someone or hide a reality is something we have all done before in our lives. We are afraid of hurting others. We are ashamed of what others might think and we refuse to show our feelings.

But if we don’t tell the truth or keep half hidden, it does something inside of us. It reminds us that we are not honest with ourselves. We feel that this is wrong. Perhaps it is as reprehensible to lie as not to tell the truth. Sometimes we hide our real age or how well we really understand something or more important things, such as our feelings.

The truth is lived, not taught.

Hermann Hesse

The fear of telling the truth

Often times we don’t tell the truth out of fear of what others think, but that motivation can transport us into a strange reality. He can make us different from who we really are.

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Honesty is one of the most fundamental qualities needed to interact positively with other people. It is imperative for us to pay attention to it and to respect it so that it accompanies us in all our actions and words.

We shouldn’t forget that fear is an emotion that can protect us from supposedly dangerous people. But just like any other emotion, we can control it. Neuroscientists have wondered whether fear is a simple defense mechanism against psychosocial threats that leads us to forget and hide what we know is true.

The necessary courage to tell the truth

Indeed, telling the truth is sometimes an act that requires great courage. It means speaking straight from the heart and saying what we really think. We don’t hide behind false appearances. To be brave is to look into someone else’s eyes and tell them that we love them or that we don’t love them anymore. It means making sure that our soul and heart are in harmony through words that come from deep within us.

The truth is disturbed by both lies and silence.

Marco Tulio Cicero

When we tell the truth, we stand naked in front of others. We show ourselves the way we really are and that can scare us. But it is not possible to hide for a long time under our false covers, under a made-up appearance.

If you screw something up, beg your pardon

We all make mistakes in our lives. If we are trying to protect another person, we may have hidden the truth at some point. But the truth always comes out and our mistake will be known one way or another. We apologize in these cases, be honest and you will feel more comfortable and valued.

Making mistakes is human. We do it subconsciously and the only thing we should try to do is learn a lesson from it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. It’s about reflecting on what happened and being honest with ourselves and everyone else.

The benefits of telling the truth

One study found that Americans tell an average of 11 lies per week. The answers given by people in certain situations were analyzed over a period of 10 weeks.

Half of the people were then trained to lie less, and it was this group that had improved health, according to psychology professor Anita A. Kelly. These improvements include lower blood pressure and less frequent headaches and sore throats.

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Why are we lying

Generally speaking, people lie for three different reasons: to adapt to hostile environments, to avoid penalties, or to get rewards or profits. Sometimes people lie when they feel attacked in order to be accepted. Sometimes they lie to avoid responsibility for what they do. Sometimes they lie about certain skills to get a job. So you are lying to get a reward.

The truth exists. Only we create lies.

Georges Braque

We shouldn’t forget that lying has a direct impact on our self-esteem. We lie when our ego feels threatened or when we want to take advantage of the situation. In this context, lies are a defense mechanism, a weapon that we use to survive. But in either case, we need to distinguish between those who feel guilty and show remorse and those who feel nothing at all and end up believing their own lies.

The truth always comes out

Nor should we forget that the things we hide and what we do not say will always come to light. The truth always finds a way to show itself, because the truth satisfies our souls and sets them free.

One who is not at peace with himself will be one who is at war with the whole world.

Mahatma Gandhi

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