The Three Men: A Story About Humility

Read an amazing story about humility in this article!
The Three Men: A Story About Humility

This inspiring story is about three men who lived with their families in a drought-stricken small village. Every summer they suffered from water shortages in their home village and no one knew what to do. The  three men  teach us a lot about humility, read on to find out more.

The three good men were close friends and always helped each other. They met one night to discuss possible solutions. They agreed that the best option was to go to the nearest village, four days away, to buy water.

They shared their plans with the other villagers. Although everyone in the village urgently needed water, no one offered to accompany the three men . So they set out early the next morning, because even if they had hardly any provisions, they were determined to fetch water.

Otherwise all of the villagers would likely die. In order to successfully complete their journey and reach their destination, the three men had to be smart with their supplies.

Water for everyone

Our story describes the inspiring journey of the three men. They went and went without stopping for four days. When they got to their destination, the men were sweaty and tired. But they were also very happy because they knew they were about to accomplish their noble mission.

In the summer, water ran out in the village of the three men and there was a drought.

The villagers gave the men a bed to sleep and something to eat that same evening. The three friends were very grateful for that. The next day they filled their jugs with water and placed them on top of their mules, which could barely bear their full weight.

The villagers didn’t accept money for the water, so the men were really happy and grateful.

The villagers also advised friends not to walk in the sun during the day as this could be fatal. The three men heeded this advice and did not start on their way home until the sun was setting.

The three men learn an important lesson

At dawn the next day the three men decided to lie down for a few hours. They didn’t want to continue their journey until the next sunset.

They were convinced that they were as good as there and the thought of their families excited them. They also knew that everyone would greet them with big smiles on their faces.

However, when the sun rose, they realized they were in a completely unfamiliar area. They realized that they were lost.

Even though the three men were concerned, they still tried not to panic. Eventually they decided to move on in the direction they saw fit.

But after a while they found that they were still lost and therefore probably could not return to their home village. They were also almost out of food, and the more desperately they tried to find their way home, the further they seemed to be removed from their homes.

An unexpected outcome

On their lost wandering, the three men suddenly saw an almost dead tree, but it was still bearing fruit. However, since it was a small fruit, all three men tried to grab it at the same time.

The problem was, they didn’t know how to divide the fruit among themselves. But while they were still arguing about how to divide the fruit, a shepherd and his sheep approached them. The shepherd was very old and looked friendly.

The three men wonder how they should share a fruit.

When the shepherd saw that the three men were tired and hungry, he asked what had happened to them. After the men reported their fate, the old man confessed that he was a wizard who could help the three friends.

However, each of the three men had to suggest a solution to their problem. Only if they found the right solution, a solution that honored their friendship, would he help them.

The three men and the right solution

After a moment’s hesitation, the first man said to the wizard: “If you can really do magic, then help us and conjure up food.” The wizard reprimanded him. Because magic couldn’t be the solution to the problem.

Then the second man said, “Make the fruit bigger so that it will last the three of us.” The wizard reprimanded him too. Real solutions do not try to change the external factors, but to cope with the problem differently.

Finally, the third man said, “Make us smaller so that the little fruit will suffice for us.” The wizard, satisfied with this solution, said, “When we have big problems, the solution is to exercise humility. ”

Then he took two steps back and disappeared. He gave his sheep to the men as a gift. At that moment it started to rain and when it stopped the three friends found that they were very close to their village.

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