The Stress Of Being A Housewife

The stress of being a housewife

We could devote hundreds of pages to stress ourselves. However, there are some people who are particularly vulnerable to the effects of stress. In this case, it’s about the stress that comes with being a housewife.

We may think that the role of housewife would not be pressurized as it is an ordinary activity. However, this is not the case. Housewives perform a variety of tasks and are responsible for making the household work. If we consider intensive work, great responsibility and a lack of free time as causes of stress, then being a housewife is definitely a strenuous activity. This means that a housewife can be exposed to many stressors.

The housewife: a power woman with superpowers

The main job of a housewife is to look after her family and home. As for the physical exertion, it may not seem too intense. However, it can be continuous with few pauses, which leads to mental and physical fatigue. A housewife is physically challenged throughout the day. She has no schedules. From waking to bed, she needs to be active and on her feet to meet her family’s needs. The housewife takes on all the work, from personal hygiene to nutrition. The housewife is also often responsible for looking after family members in need. And at the latest when we talk about relatives in need of care, the physical strain will probably also become clear to all doubters.

Woman with a stressed expression on her face

At the same time, the housewife must ensure that her house is tidy and clean. She can never really cope with that. Worse still is feeling useless because of the routine of work. Arranging things for free and then having to arrange things again tomorrow. It is not uncommon for the feeling of uselessness to be intensified from the outside.

The responsibilities of a housewife therefore cause physical and psychological stress.

The housewife has to constantly exert herself physically

The housewife’s physical exertion is based on routine rather than intensity. However, we can safely assume that she also makes physical exertion. She has to move furniture, carry heavy bags or carry a child in her arms …

A housewife may have some time to take a break. She can sleep through the night as long as no child is crying. But can she really take a break or sleep? The housewife must be prepared for any unforeseen situation day and night, especially if there are other family members who need attention. This is like a permanent on-call service.

All this physical exertion leads to fatigue. And that fatigue leads to muscle fatigue and exhaustion. The stress of being a housewife is made up of these factors.

Mental activity increases the stress of being a housewife

Many people believe that a housewife’s activities would not involve mental work. That’s not the case. She has to prepare the menu, calculate the cost, solve her children’s problems, etc. She faces many different challenges.

Engineers, lawyers, project designers and air traffic controllers are known to often suffer from mental exhaustion. However, if we deal more intensively with the topic, these professions are no different from that of a housewife: They all take on important tasks in planning, resource management and communication.

On the other hand, mental exertion can lead to mental fatigue. This reduces the ability to concentrate and contributes to emotional instability. Therefore, the stress of being a housewife is increased by her psychological distress.

The housewife also has an independent life

A housewife is first and foremost a person. She has her own conflicts, feelings, and psychological confusions. What would happen if the housewife had to withstand other stresses in addition to the stress that she experiences as a housewife? She has to. Like every human.

Woman struggling with the stress of being a housewife

We believe that many housewives today, aside from carrying all of the burden of their home, also work outside of the home. That said, we’re talking about people who take on two full-time jobs with little or no help. And worst of all, a lot of these women are misunderstood.

Being a housewife is a boring job that many women do who never get the recognition they need. This feeling of unimportance often acts as a catalyst for symptomatic stress and triggers a feeling of loneliness and seclusion between the walls of the housewife’s house that can result in mental disorders such as depression.

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