The Story Of The Black Sheep – Or How Important Honesty Is

The story of the black sheep - or how important honesty is

The story of the black sheep was written by Italo Calvino. Like many of his other stories, it is a story full of fantasy. It is a profound and amazing story that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

The story of the black sheep speaks of the fact that somewhere on earth there was a village where everyone, really everyone, was thief. Every single villager took to the streets late at night. He carried a flashlight and a lockpick with him. He used these tools to break into his neighbor’s house and ransack it.

The next day they all went back to their house. Of course, they found it robbed. It didn’t seem abnormal to anyone. Ultimately, everyone knew they were a village full of thieves and no one could expect them not to be robbed. Yet in this remote village, life was lived in perfect harmony and peace. It was like a cycle. Everyone robbed everyone and so everyone owned something.

In the market people were cheating on buying and selling. Both buyers and sellers deceived each other. The village administration betrayed the citizens. The citizens, in turn, cheated the village administration. The villagers were happy to live in such a place.

“The secret of life is honesty and fair dealings with one another. If you can fake this, you have already achieved it. “

Groucho Marx

The story of the black sheep and the honest man

There is a point in the black sheep story where something breaks normal. In this case it is an honest man who is throwing everything off balance. All of a sudden he came to that village and instead of robbing others at night, he stayed at home, read a book and smoked his pipe.

The thieves came into his house but saw that the light was on and so decided to stay away from him. Some of the villagers went hungry as a result. If they couldn’t go on a raid, the cycle was broken and they were left without belongings. So they decided to talk to the honest man and ask him to reconsider his attitude. He harmed everyone. If he didn’t want to pillage others, that was fine. But he should let the others ransack his house.

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The honest man understood the situation. From that moment on, he would go out every night and go to the river. He left it ownerless so that the others could be sure that nothing stood in the way of the looting. He didn’t want to be a thief, though. Because of this, his house was completely empty in less than a week.

The equilibrium was shaken

According to the story of the black sheep, the honest man’s attitude shook the balance in the entire village. Since he refused to go on a robbery, there was always a resident who did not find his house looted the next day. Over time, a few residents accumulated more than they actually needed.

At the same time, those who tried to rob the honest man’s house found it empty. So they could not eat again until the following night after they had robbed another house. In this way, the rich and the poor gradually formed. Some always had too much and some always had too little.

Those who had amassed a lot of goods decided shortly afterwards that they no longer wanted to be robbed. But they didn’t want to stop going on a rampage either, because otherwise they could become poor. So they decided to pay those who had nothing to rob for them. Contracts on salaries and allowances were signed so that everything was clearly regulated.

The end of the black sheep story

The changes confused a great many. They didn’t know what to do. To remind them of what their role was, prisons were built and the profession of policeman came into being. Those who had accumulated a lot would not see their belongings endangered either.

Despite everything, the raids did not stop. Everyone continued to plunder others, but now the rules of the game were different. Some didn’t work and paid others to rob for them. But the rich couldn’t be robbed or the lawyer would jail the robbers.

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Nobody understood why things had changed so much. But they had to adapt because they had to live on something. What happened to the honest man? Quite simply, he starved to death. He was the only one who refused to rob others, and also the only one who was never understood by anyone. And so the story of the black sheep ends.

Any resemblance to reality is no accident.

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