The Mystery Of Mental Attraction – When Two Souls Caress Each Other

The mystery of mental attraction - when two souls caress each other

Sometimes two souls meet and without knowing how this is done, they enter the same gravitational field in which almost everything fits. We are talking about that mental seduction that goes beyond the physical, tangible world. It catches you and confuses you – exactly where two souls meet. They caress each other and then set sail to tackle the same path.

Biology, chemistry, and our psycho-emotional needs create this gravitational field that makes us attractive in the eyes of certain people. Sometimes it clicks without us knowing why. Magic hovers in the room and we do everything possible to keep the other person close to us. This kind of attraction that goes beyond the skin is actually more common than we think.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that physical appearance is still important. When it comes to attraction, we have to keep in mind that a large part of these mechanisms are under the control of unconscious processes. The physical appearance is our expression for the outside world and also our greatest claim. Nonetheless, this claim is not always the best bait, nor is it the most infallible.

“When someone makes you feel things without even putting a finger on you – well, that’s great.”

Mario Benedetti

We are not talking here at all of soul mates, but rather of personalities who bond with one another. Personalities who vibrate in perfect harmony with one another and who are able to forge a strong and enriching bond.

In the case of mental attraction, one does not look for soul mates, but rather for travel companions

According to a study conducted by Dr. C. Raymond Knee, the former director of the Social Psychological Laboratory at the University of Rochester (New York, USA) and current scientist at the University of Houston (Texas, USA), 50% of people believe that there are soul mates . In other words, that people would be fated to find each other. And that this kind of attraction goes beyond what the naked eye can perceive.

Mental attraction is undoubtedly a cornerstone of the soulmate concept. Nevertheless, and as the author mentioned, this kind of attraction goes beyond simple mental processes with which values, needs and affection are connected. It’s about reaching a spiritual field.

“To love is not just about caring for someone, it is above all about understanding them.”

Françoise Sagan

It is clear that this approach has no scientific validity. And not just because so many people leave certain aspects to fate that would actually come under their own control. The real mental attraction does not know anything about magic or purpose, but only about the connection between two mature personalities who are looking for a current relationship beyond eternal love. For a travel companion to follow the path of life.

United by fate or bound for growth

Dr. To this day, C. Raymond Knee is engaged in the study of the societal conception of soul mates. We can take a test that was developed in his department and use it to evaluate our view on the subject. After running the test, we will know which of the following two groups we belong to:

  • People who believe in the existence of soul mates. Here, mental attraction is understood as a process in which our connection with the other person becomes so familiar and extraordinary that we don’t have to say what we want or what we miss in order for the other person to become aware of it. We are one being with the other.
  • People who view romantic relationships as part of their personal and emotional growth process. In this case, fate plays no or only a subordinate role. No one is predetermined as a partner to the other by fate. We create our relationships ourselves by investing time and goodwill and showing commitment.

In the second case, mental attraction means shared interests, passions, and values, and the ease with which we negotiate. This includes how we understand each other in order to come to an agreement. Without us waiting for the other person to guess what is wrong with us. Understanding mental attraction in a different, former way could cause us deep frustration.

The key aspects of mental attraction

Physical attraction is something very strong, intense and uncontrolled. We know and love this fact. But the magic that characterizes the truest and most stable relationships is balance. Finding the ideal balance between the two dimensions. A place where mental seduction is the most shameless, liveliest and most elaborate ingredient in the long run.

“In love the paradox arises that two beings become one and still remain two.”

Erich Fromm

Similarly, if we delved into the key factors of true mental attraction, we would notice something. In fact, there is little supernatural about it. Instead, there are many feelings, the driving force, the chemistry, and that kind of intuition that is buried in our subconscious. This mixture tells us that this one person suits us best at this particular moment.

One such aspect is undoubtedly reciprocity. For example, something as basic as responding and receiving responses in a pleasant way, feeling recognized and valued. As fundamental as seeing ourselves as important in the other person’s eyes. This is an important attraction.

Mental attraction feeds on common interests. One sees the world from the same point of view and subject to the same principles. Of course, differences can arise on certain aspects. But these little dissonances are respected and even appreciated.

Mental attraction is also fueled by challenges. There are people with whom we feel alive and who challenge us. You have this subliminal combination where the familiar mixes with the unknown, which positively arouses us. Our thoughts are full of it, to bring our hearts irrevocably to people and to let our souls caress each other.

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