The Genius Albert Einstein

The genius Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was not only the most brilliant physicist of the 20th century, but a genius that is unparalleled in human history. He also polarized during his lifetime because of the way he perceived the world around him and because of his profound views about the future of humanity.

He was friends with the greatest geniuses of his time and was passionate about getting to the bottom of the secrets of the universe. He also dealt extensively with questions about God and fate.

Einstein also left a valuable collection of sayings to the world here . Here we would like to share some of his wisdom with you:

“Our minds are like a parachute … It only works when we open it.”

“We are all very ignorant. But everyone knows something different. “

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

“The greatest mystery in the world is that it seems understandable.”

“Everything should be as simple as possible – but not simpler.”

“The secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”

“Two things are infinite – the universe and human stupidity, but I’m not quite sure about the universe yet.”

“Not everything that matters can be described in numbers, and not everything that is described in numbers counts.”

“Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is crazy. If you’re hoping for a different outcome, don’t always do the same thing. “

“There are two ways of looking at life: one is to believe that there are no miracles, the other to believe that everything is a miracle.”

“Sad generation we live in! It is easier to split an atomic nucleus than a prejudice. “

“My political ideal is the democratic one. Everyone should be respected as a person and no one should be idolized. “

“My ideals, which illuminated the way for me and filled me again and again with joyful courage to live, were goodness, beauty and truth.”

“I never think about the future. She’ll come early enough. “

“I don’t have any special talents, but I’m very curious.”

“You should never stop asking yourself questions.”

“Education is what is left when you forget everything you learned in school.”

“So we mortals are immortal in what enduring works we create together.”

“The joy of seeing and understanding is nature’s greatest gift.”

“The word ‘progress’ has no meaning when there are unhappy children.”

“I don’t know how World War III will be fought. But I know about the fourth … with stones and sticks. “

“If A stands for success, the formula A = X + Y + Z applies. X is work, Y is leisure, and Z means keeping your mouth shut.”

“An evening on which all those present are completely in agreement is a lost evening.”

“If you want to describe the truth, leave the elegance to the tailor.”

“The secret is the most beautiful thing we can explore. It is the source of all art and actual science. “

“Man finds God behind every door that science opens.”

“Science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday considerations.”

“Human maturity begins when our concern for others becomes greater than concern for ourselves.”

“The intellectuals solve problems, geniuses don’t let them happen in the first place.”

“Life is very dangerous. Not because of the people who make it dangerous, but because of those who sit down and watch. “

“There is a driving force that is much stronger than steam, electricity and atomic energy: willpower.”

Images courtesy of Sebastian Niedlich

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