The Game Of Life Wins If You Enjoy

The game of life wins if you enjoy it

“Life is a powerful, exhilarating game. Life means jumping off a parachute. To live is to risk something, to fall down and get up again.
Life is like climbing a steep wall, it means not to rest and not to rest until you have climbed your own summit. “

 Paulo Coelho

Who said life was a dream? Life is a game, a game of fate. You don’t really have to participate, you could just sit there and watch everyone else have fun. Or you take part in it yourself – that is your decision.

However, at any moment the bells could ring and the pleasure ended. And suddenly we feel the urge to do something that we have never done before, for example always greeting each other with a kiss, or complaining less.

Nevertheless, we remain with the “urge to do something” and in the end we only have the memory of “wanting to have done something”.

Many people make this big mistake.

The truth is, you and I have the cards, you just have to play them. Sometimes we’ll have a good deck of cards and sometimes a bad one, the number doesn’t matter – what matters is that we get to play them. Depending on how the game goes, our situation can improve or worsen, with every trick we get closer to the goal. This map metaphor by Voltaire proves to be omnipresent wisdom.

So, according to Voltaire, there is no way to give up. There are definitely times when you find it overwhelming to live between cards – especially if you haven’t understood the dynamics of the game. But all possibilities are at your feet. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s all about playing.

There are people with marked cards, people who are poison to us, who betray and deceive us. They take advantage of the goodwill of the rest of the players at the table. It must also be said, however, that a one-eyed, hunchbacked robber cannot be compared to Sharon Stone.

It is obvious that the moments of happiness do not benefit every player equally; The fact is, we all get our moment of glory provided we keep our focus on strategy.

It’s impossible for us to have the same cards, so I can’t tell you how to play them; i don’t know what strategy to follow It is your job to find out. What I would like to tell you here is that we should invest our whole heart and soul in order to enjoy life to the fullest and so that in the end we no longer have a card in hand.

There are endless ways to play and there is no getting around juggling five balls at the same time while playing . These balls symbolize work, family, health, friends and the soul.

It’s easy, we quickly realize that the ball of work is like a bouncy ball, when it falls it bounces back again . The other four balls, however – family, health, friends and soul – are made of glass. If we juggle these balls incorrectly and drop them, they will remain damaged or destroyed forever. They will never be the way they used to be.

Former CEO of Coca Cola, Bryan Dyson, suggested a guide for us to optimize our game strategy while successfully juggling all five balls.

His words are wonderful:

-Do not reduce your own worth by comparing yourself to others.

Because we are all different and each and every one of us is very special.

-Never set your goals based on what is important to others.
You alone should decide what is best for you.

-Do not take anything that is close to your heart for granted.
Appreciate things like your life, for without them life is meaningless.

-Do not let life pass you by just because you are constantly living in the past or in the future.
If you live from day to day, you live ALL the days of your life.

-Do not give up while you still have the strength to move on.

Nothing ends until you stop trying.

-Do not be afraid to admit to yourself that you are not perfect.
Because this is the thin thread that holds us together.

-Do not be afraid to take risks.
This is how we become brave.

-Do not exclude love from your life by telling yourself that you will never find it.
The best way to receive love is to give love; the quickest way to lose love is to hold onto it too tightly; the best way to keep love is to give it freedom.

-Do not run through life …
so fast that you forget where you have been and where you still want to go.

Don’t forget that a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel valued.

-Do not be afraid to learn new things.
The mind is light, a valuable treasure to carry with you.

-Get careful with words and time.
Because they never come back.

-Life is not a race, but a journey that should be enjoyed with every step.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery and today a gift: We live in the present.

The game of life brings with it many important lessons, big words, and rules of conduct. There are thousands of things we should feel, experience and enjoy, and thousands upon thousands of beautiful smiles to discover. We should liberate the desire, the urge to do something, and not wait for the bells to ring to signal that the game is over without having participated.

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