The Difficulty Of Facing The Feeling Of Emptiness

“Everything is going well in my life, and yet I feel empty.” A sentence that circles in the minds of many people. But what leads to this feeling of emptiness? And how difficult is it to face this emptiness and create a new reality?
The difficulty of facing the feeling of emptiness

“I have everything I want in life, but I still feel empty.” This phrase is repeated over and over again in psychological consultations. You have everything that you once longed for and still feel this feeling of emptiness and are not happy. When that happens, it is very common for those affected to do everything possible to distract themselves so as not to think about this reality.

In general, however, the day comes when they can no longer take it. At that moment, the person thinks it is right to face the void. However, doing this is more difficult than it seems. Realizing the causes of this emptiness can be a painful but necessary thing.

The feeling of emptiness

Words fall short when you talk about the feeling of emptiness. If you are experiencing this feeling at some point in your life, or maybe even right now, you know very well what we are talking about. Sometimes an existential crisis develops as all ideas about the meaning of life get mixed up.

This feeling of emptiness implies great discomfort. In fact, it’s so intense that some do everything possible to stop it. But they fail every time. Controlling the feeling of emptiness can be like trying to shape a bowl with your hands and hold water. This discomfort and the uncertainty of not knowing where to go or what to do makes you feel hopeless.

Believe it or not, many people experience this on a daily basis. The usual scenario looks like this: a person who seems to have everything they ever wanted; a good job, friends, a partner, and still feels dissatisfied. There’s another way to see this: imagine you’re reaching a long-term goal with a lot of effort and effort. You thought that in that moment you would feel happy and accomplished, but instead you just end up feeling disappointed.

The feeling of emptiness can confuse all ideas about the meaning of life

Trying to fill the void

This feeling of emptiness is so disturbing that the first impulse is to fill that emptiness as quickly as possible. People who feel this way try several times to alleviate this feeling through various means, but they don’t work in the long run.

Something these people enjoy doing is avoiding boredom. That way, they don’t have time to think about the existential crisis they are going through. In addition, it should also be noted that in moments of inactivity or free time, they often have strong feelings of anxiety.

Another resource that they use to alleviate the feeling of emptiness is the acquisition of material goods. So it is by no means uncommon to hide feelings of discomfort with compulsive shopping; Buying things they don’t really need. In the same way, however, they can fall back on other addictions such as alcohol, gambling, and binge eating, to name a few.

What all of these strategies have in common is that they temporarily relieve the feeling of emptiness. In addition, this type of addictive behavior can create other health, economic, or relationship problems that usually compel the person to seek help.

Why does this feeling occur?

The feeling of emptiness is associated with symptoms related to mood, more specifically anhedonia. This refers to the inability to enjoy things that once gave pleasure. It is important to note that this deficit is related to various brain functions.

In addition, this feeling is associated with various psychological pathologies or life moments. Let’s take a look at the most prominent ones below:

  • Mood disorders such as depression. When a feeling of emptiness becomes chronic, a depressive disorder may develop as the main symptoms of the disorder are hopelessness and anhedonia.
  • Grief. When you lose a loved one or go through a severe breakup, life as you knew it changes abruptly, which can throw you off balance. And of course, it’s not surprising or unusual to feel empty after such an experience.
  • Have very high expectations. When a person focuses all of their efforts on one goal, be it finding a stable job or raising a family, it is normal to have high expectations. However, if these do not come true, they cannot escape disappointment. We can observe this, for example, in the so-called age crises.
  • Wanting to have excessive control over everything. The main characteristic of disorders of the neurotic spectrum is a feeling of wanting to control everything that happens. Because of this, these people love to plan everything. However, once they realize that there are many things out of their control, they feel emptiness and hopelessness.
Grief over the end of a relationship can throw you off balance

Face the feeling of emptiness

The feeling of emptiness is combined with a deep, unspecific malaise; the person is extremely uncomfortable and has no idea how to stop feeling this way.

In addition, this emptiness creates emotions so intense that those affected often develop quick strategies (staying busy, addictions, and compulsive shopping ) to try to alleviate them. However, these behaviors are just a patch that can ultimately cause more trouble than the original problem itself.

The causes for this feeling are very diverse. In fact, they usually depend on the person’s age. However, when the feeling of emptiness becomes chronic, a mood disorder, such as depression, may surface.

While painful to realize, a certain amount of emptiness or existential crisis is required in certain vital phases as they are a great engine for change. Once faced with this emptiness, there is nothing left for him to do but go deep within himself to find its cause.

Indeed, this search enables the reconstruction of a new and better identity with which the person can feel happier and more comfortable overall. Sometimes introspection is just what you need to reinvent yourself.

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