The Difference Between Passion And Obsession

Passion and obsession are two realities in which a particular person is highly motivated to make great efforts. But while passion makes us grow and improve, obsession has a negative impact on our lives.
The difference between passion and obsession

Passion and obsession are two similar realities, but they are also very different. The first corresponds to a great flow of emotional energy that leads to exceeding one’s own limits and going far beyond them. The second reality, on the other hand, paralyzes the will or limits its limits.

So passion and obsession are interrelated realities. In other words, you can start something out of passion and then cross a certain limit, and suddenly you find yourself on the terrain of obsession. So you could say that obsession is an excess of passion.

It is plausible to say that these realities are two sides of the same coin. Both of these subjective realities are based on great commitment and the greatest attention and concentration. However, one is the constructive and the other the destructive side.

When you are obsessed with something, joy can turn into worry

Passion and obsession

In many cases, passion and obsession follow a line of continuity dictated by outside factors. It usually starts with an activity that you like and that you suddenly enjoy. The job is so attractive that you are passionate about it.

Passion leads to the fact that one devotes a large part of one’s time to such a task and strives to improve it by setting higher parameters of aspiration and perfection. Then comes the success and with it the recognition for such an activity, and with that the problems could begin.

As it turns out, outside affirmation can be a negative factor. What used to be spontaneous and fun is now an activity designed to receive positive reinforcement from others. You no longer enjoy the activity, only the result. And so you start to be obsessed with something.

The mazes of obsession

When you become obsessed with a particular activity based on responding to the results, joy turns into worry. You start to rely on others and become restless and stressed. In fact, some studies show that this addiction can even lead to unethical behavior.

As a result, the need for an affirmative answer from others gets out of hand and turns into an obsessive passion that is accompanied by restlessness and even frustration. However, this dependence shows up not only emotionally, but also physically.

There is evidence that excessive concern for outside approval can flood the body with dopamine and become an addiction. This of course increases the dependency, and people judge everything according to a completely different logic. There is effort, even exhaustion, and uncertain results all at once. Those affected may even feel the need to cheat just to get approval.

So let yourself be guided by your passion, not your obsession

Dependence on outside recognition

Very few people can completely break away from other people’s opinions and get to the point where their approval no longer matters. It takes a highly developed person to do this. Hence, ordinary people rely on the consent of others.

After all, who doesn’t like to receive an award or recognition for what they have done? For example, most people feel a certain satisfaction when they post something on social networks and receive a “like” when they see a friend request or when the number of their followers increases.

The secret to not falling into the clutches of obsession with acknowledging others is to be aware of it. Understand that when you get a “like” for something that you posted without any arrogance, it is really important that you expressed it and that others found it thought provoking. The rest is an extra. It may be there today, but it probably won’t be there tomorrow.

There is much to be gained when you enjoy what you do and when you can be consistent with what you think without worrying about the outcome. Getting rid of the motivation that someone else’s reaction may be taking on is not easy, but you should still work on it. Therefore, approach all of your activities and activities in a way that will not trap you. So let yourself be guided by your passion, not your obsession.

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