The 10 Commandments That Will Spoil Your Child

The 10 Commandments That Will Corrupt Your Child

Raising a child is so complicated that there is always a risk of spoiling it. But how do we know if we are spoiling it or not? Which path should we choose: discipline or pampering?

The decision for or against certain styles of upbringing naturally rests with the parents, wards, educators and society. We are not going to stress here the importance of the media in education, which in fact is often underestimated. Just so as not to drag on this article any further, because there are countless factors that affect our children.

Nor will we focus on whether actions are inherently good or bad. No, we will keep a certain distance to make objective statements about behaviors that are appropriate if you do not want to spoil the child.

“Raise the children and you won’t have to punish people.”


The 10 Commandments to Corrupt a Child

While there are many ways to spoil a child, we have limited ourselves to ten instructions to accomplish it. They are formulated as simply as the ten commandments.

Emilio Catatayud, a Spanish lawyer specializing in youth law, formulated the basis for this decalogue; we have added a few more statements to it.

  1. Start by giving your child everything they ask. So it grows up with the conviction that the whole world belongs to it and that it has the right to own everything it desires. Anytime, anywhere.
  2. Don’t worry about his ethical or spiritual upbringing. Wait until it has reached a certain age to decide for itself which direction to go. By then, it will surely have established ideal values ​​on its own.
  3. If your child gets naughty, laugh about it! That will encourage them to say even funnier things. Increasing the use of curses and similar expressions will turn them into a promised person. And we already know that everyone loves clowns.
  4. Don’t scold him or tell him what he’s doing is wrong. That could make you feel guilty. Nobody wants their child to feel guilty, even if it might be appropriate. It’s best to buy him a toy and hope the situation doesn’t repeat itself.
  5. Pick up everything it leaves: books, shoes, clothes, toys. So it gets used to shifting the responsibility onto others. And when they get married, they already know exactly who has to clean the house.
  6. Let it read everything it can get its hands on. Make sure his plates, cutlery, and glasses are sterile, but don’t look to see what crap is piling up in his head. Let him watch TV and play with his phone, tablet and console all day.
  7. Often argue with your partner in the presence of the child. So it won’t bother him too much if one day the family breaks up completely, maybe because of his own behavior.
  8. Give your child all the money they want to spend. Don’t let anyone guess that you have to work for that money. So it does not come up to the idea of ​​building an independent life in order to be able to feed oneself.
  9. Satisfy all of your child’s desires. Sacrifice and frugality can lead to frustration that could distort his future personality.
  10. Take their side in any conflict they may have with their teachers, neighbors, or other children. You know that all of these people are prejudiced against your child and really just want to bother them. Why should you assume that your child isn’t always telling the truth?

“Children have to be tolerant of adults.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Education is the foundation of the adult

So these were the most important behaviors to spoil your child. Please note the irony and sarcasm of this article. Failure to follow these rules will make your child a better person.

As we mentioned at the beginning, we can understand education as a more or less complex task. There are many styles of upbringing, but not one that is absolutely right that will turn the child into a responsible adult in every case. However, it should always be ensured that clear boundaries are defined.

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