Relationship Violence: The Story Of Any Girl

Relationship Violence: Any Girl's Story

This is any girl’s story. A girl with no name because there are so many of them. A girl who fell in love with someone she thought was the best man in the world. A man from a fairy tale, a prince. That’s why she chose you to become his princess.

In order for her to do that, she gave up her freedom, her right to make decisions for herself, her smile, her friends, and her family. In exchange for what she thought was love, she sacrificed her entire life and brought it to the grace of the flood, which moved at the whim of a selfish heart that believed it could own anything, even people.

Boy meets girl

It was just another day in the office. She sat at her desk and did her work quietly until a colleague came over to tell her about the news in the office. Usually she paid no attention to things like this. She knew that her colleagues could be a little dramatic, and that the gossip and rumors were usually more stories than truths.

When she looked at him, she realized she was wrong. He had brown hair, hazel eyes and a gorgeous smile. He wasn’t just any guy, he was the perfect man. In one way or another, it just happened that this perfect man rode home on the same train as her. And that’s how they got to know each other.

Man And Woman

Fall in love

Falling in love is not a conscious act. It’s a feeling that gradually intoxicates you. A feeling that begins with the hope of getting to know someone who catches your eye, but which gradually begins to conquer your heart. The eyes can deceive you, but the heart always feels authentic.

The perfect man liked her too, and he wasn’t afraid to ask for her number. He was waiting for her so that they could take the train together, fearing that she might need him at some point on the trip and that he wouldn’t be there. And then he invited her out on a date. It was very romantic and everything seemed like a dream.

After a few days, a few minutes after they had said goodbye, he started texting her as if her absence was the end of the world for him. They were all sweet and full of love. She felt like the happiest girl in the world because of all of them he chose her.

Jealousy and isolation

My best friend sometimes worries about the messages he sent me. She said there was a fear behind his words that she didn’t like. I found it very romantic that he wanted to be in contact with me all the time. He was my knight in shining armor. And if he knew where I was, he could save me from any danger.

The other day he got a little jealous after seeing me talking to another colleague. But this was nothing more than a representation of his love. About how important I was to him. He asked me if I liked the guy because he saw me and my coworker laugh together. I may have accidentally flirted with him, so I promised I wouldn’t act like that again. I didn’t want to lose him or upset him because he cared so much for me!

He called me yesterday and the phone indicated that I was already on the phone with someone. He got jealous because he thought I was talking to another man. Maybe he was starting to be a little controlling. But he was so kind and good-natured. And he did it because he loved me so much. So all I could do was forgive him. If he cared for me that much, it was because he loved me. If he wanted me close all the time, it was because he would never leave me.

My friend got mad because she didn’t understand his attitude. He told me that she was jealous because she didn’t have anyone to love her. He said she was a bad influence because she put strange ideas into my head. Maybe it was true that she was jealous. It bothers me that they didn’t understand each other.

I went out with my friends last night. He got angry, called me a whore, and said that I showed a lot of cleavage and that I had made myself so pretty like picking up or trying to find other men and that I never did it for him like that. Maybe my clothes were a little tight and I can understand why that bothered him. I don’t want to lose him, especially because of something so stupid. I wouldn’t go out like this anymore.

My friends don’t have partners and maybe that’s why they could dress like that. But I had one, and I couldn’t be disrespectful to him. And if he did, I would probably have gotten mad too. They needed to understand that I couldn’t go out like this, and if they didn’t understand this, they weren’t my true friends.

Crying woman whose partner is touching her cheek


I was afraid of losing him. He got angry more often and his demands increased. He didn’t like the way I dressed, the way I smiled at other people. And he didn’t want me to wear a skirt or a V-neck top, even though I did when he met me. I was afraid that whatever I did, it would distance me from him, the perfect man I was so happy to be by. I could handle anything, but not it.

He told me that I loved him very little compared to how much he loved me. But how could I make him understand that he was my Prince Charming? I was just some girl who was afraid of losing the perfect man she was lucky with. It would have been so stupid if I had finally let him go when I was so lucky to find him. Someone as imperfect as me, someone as good as him.

Today I yelled at him in the street for calling me a slut. He quarreled with me because I was talking to someone in a shoe store and I laughed at a joke he told me. I was friendly, but I didn’t try to flirt with him. In fact, I was very reluctant because I knew he was watching. He yelled at me for making a scene in the middle of the street. But I really didn’t understand why he reacted this way.

I want to be able to tell someone all of this. I have to talk about it, but I’ve distanced myself from everyone I trusted, throwing them out of my life with false and inappropriate accusations.

However, he doesn’t want to get angry either. And I feel a little lost It’s probably love, wanting someone so badly that the fear of losing them drives you crazy, even if you know they’re not right. I don’t know, maybe I don’t know what true love is.


He scared me and he didn’t even hurt or touch me. He knocked the table over and slammed the door loudly. And I stood there trembling. We argued again because he saw me talking to my boss about work. He still doesn’t understand.

I do not know what to do. I love him and I am lucky to be with someone so perfect who loves me. But I’m afraid of his violent attacks and I don’t want us to hurt one another. Maybe I should quit my job so he can calm down. After all, we now live together and don’t both have to make money.

Woman with partner

Maybe it is love

This is not love, it is manipulation, control and addiction. Nobody has the right to tell you how to dress, apply your make-up, or who to talk to. Nobody has the right to make you tremble in fear at their aggression, even if they don’t touch you.

The story told here is a portrait of psychological abuse. There were no strikes, but they would come later. Hitting begins when the victim feels so dependent on the attacker and is so convinced that they have done something wrong that it seems impossible for them to tell anyone.

In fact, physical violence may never occur. As you have seen in the story, this is not absolutely necessary. The victim is alone, in his grace, doing whatever he says. It ceases to be itself and is completely dependent on it. He is able to control it, which is why he has to hit her to make it cling even tighter to him.

This is any girl’s story. Pick any name, because unfortunately there are many. It could be your sister, girlfriend, or neighbor. It could be any girl who thinks she’s fallen in love but is actually being controlled and humiliated by someone.

Don’t close your eyes Help her see the reality behind her thought pattern. Don’t leave her even if she wants to ban you from her life. While you may have to watch her approach the edge of a cliff, don’t blame her. Remind her that she can count on you. Convince them to call 911. She needs help to get out of this situation. And if you leave her alone, she won’t be able to.

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