Reasons Why Bananas Can Be Bad For You

It’s funny how something that is typically seen as healthy can sometimes be bad for you. Such is the case with bananas. Though they are a good source of dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6, they can also be high in sugar and calories. So, before you go reaching for that banana snack, make sure you know the reasons why they can be bad for you.

Not a Diet Food

The greatness of bananas lies in their ability to satisfy your hunger without compromising on taste or health. They’re a pretty great deal considering how many you can eat, but there is always an downside…bananas contain more calories than most other fruits out there!

Bananas contain Too Much Potassium

There’s a lot of potassium in bananas! I recommend eating them for their health benefits. The high amount can lead to an increased risk in heart disease and stroke, but if you’re not consuming enough then this is definitely something worth adding into your diet since it will help keep those numbers up-to par with what they should be every day (and increase metabolism too!).

Not a Good Breakfast

The banana is a popular breakfast choice, but it’s not the best option when your goal for that morning meal should be to lose weight. The high sugar content and large amounts of carbs in this fruit can cause blood sugar spikes which leave you feeling hungry again soon after eating them – making obesity more likely!

banana and Tooth Decay

The banana is a well-known fruit for its link to tooth decay. It has been seen that when people eat them, their smiles will have some gaps in between each individual tooth due the lack of enamel; this happens because fungi feed off natural sugars found within dentin which causes cavities or wounds on your teeth’s surface layer – leading up towards pulpy material surrounding bacteria inside! So next time you’re craving something sweet…think twice about biting into one (or ten) bananas.

Nerve Damage

Banana Nerve Damage is a condition that causes pain and numbness in your fingers or toes. It can also make it difficult for you get an erection, cause muscle spasms leading to twitching movements of facial muscles (glossalia), blurred vision dueoric Smell & taste loss as well mental confusion among other symptoms which are all eventually linked back together under the banner ” Banana nerve damage.”


As many of you know, bananas are a popular commodity in America. However it turns out that not all people love them as much and they can actually be really harmful to some individuals’ health due their high allergens like gluten; which will cause an itching sensation on your skin when eaten by mistake (or even if handled improperly). So next time someone offers one up at work don’t say yes without thinking first – there’s probably better choices available!

Bananas May Not be Safe for Babies

New research has found that bananas may not be safe for babies. The popular fruit, which many parents put in their child’s diaper as ABA therapy to strengthen muscles and provide pressure relief (and sometimes even food), could lead them into an inflammation called perineutropium.

Stomach Aches

Bananas and stomachaches? Is there a connection!
The ripe, yellow fruit of the plant has been known to cause discomfort in those who eat it. The potassium found within bananas may increase one’s levels for hours after consuming them so if you don’t want any more pain-filled mornings or afternoons manage your intake wisely – only eat this superfood when absolutely necessary (and try not too overdo things).

Bananas Have Serious Drug Interactions


bananas are not your ordinary fruit. They have been known to cause serious drug interactions with many medications; even though they’re often safe for consumption on their own! This is because the sugars in bananas can interact negatively when broken down by our bodies and cause an effect similar as insulin resistance (which leads us into having too much glucose). One study found out that people who consumed one serving per day experienced increased blood sugar levels over time while another discovered its link between diabetes risk factors like kidney function decrease or fat accumulation around internal organs.

Constipation and Gas

You may be surprised to hear that bananas can cause gas and constipation. The fiber in the fruit, which many people love so much for its sweet taste (and look), actually has this effect on your digestive system!

Bananas Risk of Type 2 Diabetes


The banana is a classic example of an unhealthy food. It’s hard to believe, but this fruit can actually be bad for your health and cause type 2 diabetes! The reason why bananas are so dangerous? They’re high in calories which means; you’ll gain weight if eat them every day–and their sweet taste will make sure that happens faster than ever before too.

Bananas Have a High Amount of Carbs


Bananas are a favorite of many people because they contain so much natural sugar. One banana has about 180 calories and 50 grams in carbohydrates, which means it will give you an energy boost when eaten before or during your workout routine!

Bananas Are Not a Good Snack On Their Own


The banana is a popular food item and many people think that they’re healthy. But the truth of the matter, when eaten on its own without anything; else to mix it up with in terms or toppings like yogurt (which helps neutralize some strong flavors); will make you feel full much quicker than if your eating something more appetizing; such as an apple dipped into peanut butter!


Bananas may be one of the most popular fruits, but that doesn’t mean they are always good for you. In moderation, bananas can provide a host of health benefits, but eating too many can have some negative consequences. So next time you reach for a banana, remember to enjoy it in moderation!

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