Our Soul Dies Bit By Bit When We Lack Passion In Our Life

Our soul dies bit by bit when we lack passion in our life

Our soul dies bit by bit when we lack passion in our life. Only half savoring a life and living with reluctance is not a lived life, because we have to savor life to the fullest. We have to enjoy all the kisses, every little moment with a smile on our face, and the passion of all those precious people who know that only a hug can put the broken pieces of ourselves back together and that neither age nor the Time can take our goals.

There is an interesting Celtic legend from the 14th century that shows us all of this in a very symbolic way. In this culture there is a “white mare” who is supposed to live in our dream world. It feeds on our fears, nightmares and the souls of sad people. She takes them one by one to stick them in crevices or holes in trees.

“The soul is like a rough diamond in the body, and this should be cut or it will never shine.”

Daniel Defoe

Allowing sadness and listlessness to take root in our being is much more than just a “curse”. This is how our ancestors once saw it and today’s psychology is of the same opinion. There are many reasons that lead to this listless state where there is no motivation, desire or passion. But we need to be able to awaken and start over.

We should get out of these holes in our tree of life, out of these lonely places, to be able to embrace life and new possibilities again, instead of reinforcing this state until we are defeated by the white mare that is ridden by the depression.


When the soul gets tired

Byung-Chul is a Korean philosopher who lives in Germany. His books are well known works on the subject. One of his books – Müdigkeitsgesellschaft – tells of the reality we are already familiar with. Today man has a greedy and relentless enemy: himself and his inability to truly love others.

According to this talented author, it is our unhealthy narcissism that is to blame. Today the essence is no longer important, the only thing that counts is appearance, appearance in public. Hence the power of the advertising industry, the social networks, the fashion industry, which are accompanied by the abyss of superficiality. We are increasingly forgetting one important thing: we need to value the existence of our fellow human beings. We must learn to recognize ourselves through the love we give to others, through friendships, kindness, and even selflessness.

The tired soul is the reflection of a misguided heart, an aimless soap bubble, or a train with no passengers. She is missing something – she lacks passion and the courage to give yourself the opportunity to love with all your heart. Well-known films such as Lars von Trier’s Melancholia  bring this to mind when we meet Justine, this depressed person who is unable to love and only does something when a planet is on the verge of destroying the earth. It is then that she discovers the existence of others.


The passion behind waking up again

It may well be that many of us feel this way: tired, apathetic, chronically in a bad mood and lacking drive in order to be able to love with every fiber of our being, our soul. Perhaps it is due to disappointment or even an inability to experience joy and passion. Getting into the vicious circle of emotional apathy is dangerous. Because with that begins the listlessness and abandonment with regard to life. So we just turn the pages of the calendar day by day.

“Without great passion, no great personality has achieved anything.”

Friedrich Hegel

Passion is the only thing that can save us. It is this fuel of our willpower, this essence, to drive us every day, to give every day a meaning and meaning. Because composing our lives we can accomplish by starting to appreciate the small and simple things.


Bringing our soul back to life is a matter of willpower and creativity

Passion has to be driven by something in order to grow. We have to be able to find a source of motivation, something that inspires us, that defines us and that we want to dedicate ourselves to. One way of doing this is to let ourselves be infected by the joie de vivre of others: together, the same preference, sharing the same hobby or working on a joint project.

  • We also have to be aware that a routine life weakens our soul the most. Of course we have to do certain everyday tasks and meet obligations, but these stuck routines damage our drive and can even cripple it. So as much as we can, we should incorporate new activities into our daily lives, something that is worth rolling out of bed for.
  • Our passion is our retreat. To strengthen it, certain factors are necessary: curiosity and enthusiasm, gratitude, awe, getting involved, etc.
  • In order to live a life full of passion, we also need to find out what is holding it back, what is draining its energy and what is burdening our soul. Sometimes, as already mentioned, it is routine, other times it is certain people who make it impossible for us and our soul to “wake up” and appreciate the possibility of the moment. We need to track down these lucky thieves and get them out of our lives.

“Cowardice makes us older than time. The years age the skin, but fear ages the soul. “

Facundo Cabral

The need to realize ourselves

The American psychologist Abraham Maslow named the following term in his hierarchy of needs : self-realization. When we humans have met our physiological needs, security needs, social needs and individuality needs, we will reach the top of this pyramid. At this point, we should be able to realize ourselves.

We are talking about this personal and emotional growth that no longer has anything to do with our ego. We can only realize this creative potential if we choose passion instead of fear, pure life and love instead of these holes which the white mare fills with our fears.

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