Nothing Suits A Person Better Than Love

Nothing suits a person better than love

You’re probably feeling a bit skeptical just reading the headline of this article. In the world we live in, strategies based on competition and manipulation are used to “improve” people. That is why the word love appears “trite” or “idealistic”.

But in fact there is no other way to make a change. What is certain is that this is the only way that works. In order for people to transform, they must be loved.

Loving them unconditionally does not mean enduring situations that make us unhappy. Finishing something is also an act of love if you get it right. A separation does not automatically mean that love no longer exists.

If you just want to change it, let it go

To love is to give unconditional love to someone else. It shouldn’t be painful. But sometimes a feeling of uncertainty is part of love. And you go through difficult times. This is especially evident in the love we feel for our partner.

With the partner we share characteristics, situations, things that other people cannot see. We open up on both a physical and a spiritual level. We show ourselves emotionally naked to the other person and this is sometimes associated with fear, but also with feelings of expectation. And we discover things about ourselves that we had no idea there were.

Acting out of love arouses passions. The most beautiful and feared passions that we can experience. The concept of “romantic love” that has been sold to us is still frustrating. Because nobody told us that living together can be difficult. That we doubt our partner’s love for ourselves and have to question ourselves on numerous occasions.

“We learn to love – not when we find the perfect person, but when we consider an imperfect person to be perfect.”

Sam Keen

True love is neither difficult nor easy, but it requires commitment and a great deal of patience and trust. The love that the other person gives us does not serve to fill the emotional emptiness in us – only we ourselves can do it. It is no less true, however, that with a simple gesture of affection, she can heal our wounds. With one of those hugs that put all the broken and scattered pieces back together in you.

Love unconditionally and let things happen

Many relationships end because we only love “half-heartedly”. Because we use an endless number of strategies to make our love less obvious or less obvious. It is popularly said that if you reveal your heart, you become vulnerable. But that’s not true. The real catastrophe would be our lives ending without making up our minds on anything crazy in the name of love.

People want to be loved unconditionally.

“The man who only knows and loves his wife knows more about women than the man who dates thousands.”

Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy

People want to be loved

People want to be loved and surprised with little things in everyday life. Therefore, you can give them more than seems reasonable to you – because reason is not a virtue when it comes to love. Then it is only a protective shield.

We spend a number of years in school. We interact with countless people and spend most of our lives living it in one role or another: as children, mothers, fathers, employees, wives and husbands or siblings. But we may never have shown the people around us how important they are to us. We do not know the healing power that is hidden in a hug, a kiss on the cheek, a handshake or a smile. We take small things for granted when they can mean the world.

Ask yourself why your relationship with a certain other person is not going well. Before you wonder why you are so determined to throw in the towel. Think about whether you have ever tried to love unconditionally.

Remind yourself that people want to be loved. When they feel this, changes arise that could never be achieved with any logical-mathematical or medical strategy.

If you ever get the feeling that there is nothing you can do about a certain relationship, remember that you should love people even when you say goodbye. Only then does love not turn into resentment, but into a beautiful memory. People want to be loved and things want to be used – not the other way around.

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