Nobody Is Too Old For Anything, They Just Have Too Many Excuses

Nobody is too old for anything, they just have too many excuses

Nobody is too old for anything, they just have too many excuses to make their dreams come true. Because there is no age for success. We believe that we develop in our 20s and find ourselves, that we achieve a certain stability in our 30s, that we have already achieved a lot in our life in our 40s, etc. But these expectations of a certain age do not have to be in everyone Case apply.

We set ourselves limits through entrenched, false opinions. This stereotype thinking leads to the fact that we set ourselves limits full of excuses, which in turn result in us inactively closing ourselves off to what life has in store for us. We no longer try to achieve our dreams because it is supposedly no longer appropriate just because we get older.

Life doesn’t just stop at a certain age and there is no expiration date for your dreams. This notion only exists in your head.

Older people have a great future ahead of them

The future is not just for young people because no matter how old you are, there is always an opportunity to grow and learn something new. Sometimes it is the elderly in particular who set an example and show us that age is just a number. They know better than others that success comes only through perseverance and that you can only get there if you don’t give up on making your dreams come true.

An example of this is Harry Bernstein, a writer who spent most of his life writing. This writer had to watch his novels fail over and over again. But he didn’t give up. He loved what he did, put a lot of passion into his work and never threw in the towel, even if the publishers slammed the door on him repeatedly. It wasn’t until he was 96 that what he had hoped for finally happened. His most recent work The Invisible Wall: A Love Story That Broke Barriers   (in German: The Invisible Wall: A Love Story That Knows No Boundaries) received the desired attention.

Harry Bernstein didn’t think that the passage of time necessarily meant he had to let himself get down, and decided to move on with what was fulfilling him. But how often have you let something be because others did not believe in you again?

Older people know that rejection is nothing more than a test to find out if what we are doing is really worth the time, effort and effort invested. Children understand this principle too, because they rarely give up when they first say no. You know very well that this is just the beginning of a negotiation.

“Never let someone tell you that you can’t do something. When you have a dream you have to protect it. Anyone who is unable to do anything tells you that you cannot do anything either. If you want something, hold on to it and point. “

From the film “The pursuit of happiness”

The years go by, but not the possibilities to make our dreams come true , even if there are many prejudices about not being able to achieve something at a certain age or not to do something anymore: “When you are that old , you shouldn’t dress like that ” , or, “ as a grandpa you shouldn’t get on a skateboard anymore ” , we hear then. Even if we want to reject these ideas of age, they stay in our minds. This happens because the culture and society in which we live has taught us certain behaviors from an early age.

It is never too late

Many students may have been lucky enough to have fellow students by their side who were already over 30. This applies to many specialist areas, because older people today also have access to education that they could not benefit from before. But how about you Do you still have problems getting used to such a thought yourself?

Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart

The difficulty of learning something new that is assumed to be in older people can just as easily arise in young people, for example if they do not like their studies or if they do not pay enough attention to a task. Because the decisive factor is not age, but attitude and desire for something. For this reason, we would like to introduce you to a few personalities who then succeeded when no one had expected it, not even themselves:

  • Samuel Jackson, actor: Before he was 39, he only played minor roles. But   he became famous around the world through the film Jungle Fever .
  • Henry Ford, founder of the automobile manufacturer Ford Motor Company: It was not until the age of 45 that he created the revolutionary Ford T.
  • Charles Darwin, Naturalist: He was never interested in social relationships before and was only devoted to his passion. But at 50, his book On the Origin of Species  forever changed the minds of scientists around the world.
  • Julia Child, cook: She worked as a publicist for most of her life, but at the age of 50 she decided to write her first cookbook. That was the first milestone in her great career as a chef.
  • Ray Kroc, Entrepreneur: He sold shake making machines until he bought McDonald’s when he was 52. Ray turned this brand into the largest fast food franchise in the world.
  • Anna Mary Robertson Moses, Painter: Known as “Grandma Moses”, she began her career as a painter at the age of 78. One of her paintings sold for $1.2 million.

It’s never too late to do what you love. What have you got to lose

We can have a great idea at the age of 50 and business ideas can still come to us at 70. There is no expiration date to be successful, just as we can learn a new profession, learn something new or implement a project at any age. People born some time ago do not have this thinking that their dreams have limits. The culprits here are our excuses that forbid us from trying something that we would like to realize.

My dreams know no age because my will does not age

I am no longer of the opinion that my dreams
have to do with my age … >>> More

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