No Fear Of Nothing, No Fear Of Suffering

Not afraid of nothing, not afraid of suffering

I’m vulnerable. A tree can fall over with a gust of wind and my life is over. A driver can overlook me on the road and take my life. As I write these words, my heart may suddenly stop beating.

Something like that and many other things could happen to you too. You are vulnerable just like me. And like the people you love: your mother, your child or your friend. I don’t want to scare you!

Realizing that our life is basically out of our hands only makes us more aware, and it’s just true.

What is this about? I feel like we have lost consciousness of the fragility of our existence. It’s not that important, but the consequences are: living in a non-existent reality is like being invited to a poisoned dinner.

We cross out the days on the calendar as if it were the edge of the table we scribbled out of boredom in the classroom. We doze off on the bus and in the subway, open the front door again and again. We are like a locomotive that travels over the tracks according to plan.

We waste our time pretending to be protecting ourselves, attacking, talking about others. In the shop of life we ​​act like the rich man who buys everything he wants, as if his wallet never runs out, as if his time is unlimited.

Take stock: On the one hand you write down your joys and on the other hand your duties and pastimes. We’re doing something wrong.

It is not just you who are doing something wrong, but our whole society. The average time everyone spends completing all of the duties they have to do to survive is enormous!

We allow ourselves the luxury of telling the children that they should study or get an apprenticeship so that they can later work in the job they like. How can we lie in such a hideous way? Are all the jobs that society today has to offer desirable for someone? And here everyone can imagine the job they want.

Another unfortunate consequence of the lack of awareness of our vulnerability and our “Around Haz about Railways” that we blind to the suffering are . We think that if we do things right, if we shine with the enthroned virtues of hard work and sacrifice, we are on the right track . So everything will be fine.

So why should we help someone who has freely chosen not to follow the recipe for success? We tolerate misery because we believe that it is a result of the behavior of the person concerned, because we think that we will never be exposed to misery.

The low perception of our mistaken belief in invulnerability, and the lack of similar conditions in our personal lives, separate us in our minds from the people who suffer.

So we only look up from the book we are reading and only regain our human nature when we notice that this barrier has been broken. And for this, the suffering has to come closer and closer to us, and happen before we get off at our destination station.

Images courtesy of Annette Shaf

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