Naturalness Is A Quality That Is Only Given To Exceptional People

Naturalness is a quality that is only given to exceptional people

Naturalness is a wonderful virtue and, sadly, isn’t found as often as it should be. She is one of those attributes that adorns each other. It is always related to humility and represents nobility and maturity. So even if it seems contradictory, this quality is actually only bestowed on exceptional people.

Some define naturalness in such a way that one can get excited about the little things in life. In other words, a natural person is able to enjoy and be grateful for little things. Neither his expectations nor his goals are set too high, they are not a very high mountain on the top of which happiness is located. So natural is a person who relies on simplicity.

In order to be able to call yourself a natural person, you have to be adaptable, accept and accept yourself. These characteristics make everything flow without trying to force anything or change course. All of this has a positive effect on spontaneity, another virtue that can only be found in balanced and healthy people.

“Simplicity consists in embarking on the journey of life with only the most essential luggage.”

Charles Dudley Warner

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A natural appearance

We recognize naturalness at first glance when we look at a person’s appearance. How much do you have to “dress up” physically to be comfortable with the way you look? To what extent do you feel more or less presentable when you get dressed or not?

Taking care of our appearance is important. The way we show ourselves also says a lot about our inner being. Our appearance is the image that we convey to the world and which is decisive for the first impression other people make of us. So far so good.

However, when personal appearance becomes a compulsive issue, it becomes a problem. A little vanity doesn’t hurt anyone, but when vanity is based on fears and insecurities, or involves a lot of time and money, there may be a serious shortcoming behind it. Those who look natural, on the other hand, show that they accept and value themselves.

A natural mind

When it comes to naturalness with regard to the mind, we are generally referring to “common sense”. So to see reality without trying to gloss over it or make it unnecessarily complicated. This requires an unbiased and objective view of what is real.

In addition, common sense understands other points of view better. He doesn’t care so much about being right, putting himself above others, or getting everyone to think the same way he does. A natural mind spontaneously accepts that there are different opinions. In this way he turns a difference into a valuable source of personal enrichment.

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A natural mind expresses itself with the naturalness of a person who is not interested in proving anything to anyone or spreading rumors about others. His words are clear and eloquent and he speaks straightforward. Without a know-it-all or pigeonhole. It is thanks to the naturalness that we can directly and easily express what we think.

Naturalness in interpersonal relationships

Naturalness also shows in the way we connect with others. A person who has this extraordinary virtue respects himself and others. He accepts himself and therefore accepts his fellow human beings. Both go hand in hand.

Another characteristic that defines his relationships is that everyone involved meets on an equal footing. Acting naturally attributes the same value to powerful and humble people. He doesn’t change his personality or the way he treats others, depending on who he is facing.

In the same way, naturalness leads us to recognize the triumphs of others, to rejoice with them about their successes and to share their sadness from the bottom of our hearts. Natural people see themselves on an equal footing with others, which is why deep down they feel a sense of solidarity for them. Through naturalness we can understand that we all belong to the community of people and are directly connected to one another by a common bond: through humanity.

The path that leads to naturalness

When we let our fears guide us, we are paralyzed or make something more complicated than it is. We are afraid of what others say, we are afraid of rejection, we are concerned because we believe that maybe we should be more, better or stronger, richer or more beautiful. In a word, fear, because we fail to accept ourselves for who we are, nor the circumstances that surround us.

Certainly the cause of a large part of our suffering is hidden behind it. Often times we have the wrong idea about ourselves and what we should be. We live more for getting what we don’t have rather than enjoying what we have.

Naturalness does not mean conformism or a passive attitude. You can have very big goals and still appreciate all that you have achieved and what you are. Naturalness helps us to go our way in life more light-footed and always move forward with a view to our personal development.

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