My Luck Counts: You Won’t Treat Me Like That Anymore!

My luck counts: You won't treat me like that anymore!

As the well-known saying “what you don’t want someone to do to you, don’t do it to anyone else”  shows, we would never think that we have to accept everything that others do to us.

It looks like a play on words, but everyone should basically know what it is that others can do to one and what then causes great suffering in us. You won’t always do this on purpose, that is clear, but that doesn’t mean we have to put up with it without further ado.

Personal relationships are far from easy. We talk about the relationship with the partner, parents, work colleagues, friends, siblings and even strangers. Nowadays it is not difficult to meet “poisoned” people who cost us all of our strength and energy. So, you should take the following pieces of advice to heart in order to avoid others harming you and to achieve your happiness instead.

Aside from the fact that the way you deal with other people will improve, you will also feel more comfortable in your own company. Defend your rights by not allowing :

People love to argue and argue, that’s more than certain. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept that and participate in discussions and disputes, especially if they are going nowhere. You don’t always have to explain yourself. Always remember that  “your friends don’t need explanations and neither do your enemies.”

People either understand you or they don’t, it’s entirely up to them. So don’t waste your time (and anyone else’s) doing things that aren’t important or just cause worse problems. If you find that a conversation or doubts about something are getting you nowhere, then you should be wise to apply the brakes.

As already mentioned, there are many pessimists in this world who look for a negative side to everything that cannot enjoy anything good. It is entirely up to you whether you consider the glass half empty or half full. In addition, these pessimistic people do not help us pursue our goals, but slow us down. Pessimism is contagious and drains all of your energy.

Is there anything more disgusting in the world than comparisons? Yes! That you let yourself be influenced by them. There is absolutely no point in comparing what others have or do not have, because every person is a world of its own. The only person you can compare yourself to is yourself, in the past. Ultimately, all you have to do is make an effort to surpass yourself. Do you prefer your current self to the past? Don’t let others test you.

 People who intimidate you with their words, gestures, and actions are not good company for you. Such individuals want to use their mental, emotional, or even physical superiority to take the best of what you have to offer and rob you of your virtues. Nobody has the right to make you feel inferior or small. Defend what is yours and don’t let others step on you to level up, no matter what technique they use to do so.

It is not worth it to accumulate this feeling in our heart. You should use your energy for more productive and positive things. Remember, it is always better to apologize, to forgive and start a new chapter than to hold back the pain of living in the past and being proud.

The problem with the past is that we hold on to it and so we cannot look ahead. Some people could use your past mistakes to poison your present, make you feel bad, etc.

Life is short. Don’t let what happened in the past drag you down, look ahead and keep going your way. This doesn’t mean that you should deny the things you’ve done in the past, it just means that you shouldn’t regret them too much. Learn to book it as an experience so as not to repeat these actions.

: Nobody deserves to be happy more than you. Always keep this phrase in mind or burn it into your mind if necessary. What others say or think of you is not important. Nobody but you has the right to judge you or hold against you what you are doing. Happiness can be fleeting or infinite, it depends entirely on our attitude.

Cherish all that you have. Don’t let envy or “bad souls” ruin even a single day of your life. Nothing and nobody is so important that it can determine your sense of humor and happiness!

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