Modesty – An Art That Unfortunately Far Too Few Have Mastered

Modesty - an art that unfortunately far too few have mastered

We all like good-natured and humble people who, through their actions, convey the importance of knowing your own limits and not unnecessarily bragging about your virtues and wisdom.

Sincere people do not show false modesty, nor do they appear fanciful. They don’t say “I can do everything better” , they don’t show narcissistic pride and excessive selfishness. It seems that because of their selfless nature, no one can hold a candle to them.

As we will see in the course of this article, it can be a weakness, emptiness, or dissatisfaction with your own life to talk too much, to always want to be in the foreground and to want to be better off than others. We have a very specific expression for this that we all know: Big words and nothing behind them.

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A lesson in humility

I was walking next to my father when he suddenly stopped at the curve of a path. After a short period of silence, he asked me, “What do you hear besides the chirping of birds?”  I perked up my ears and answered him a few seconds later: “I can hear the noise of a cart.”   “Very good,” replied my father. “You’re right. We run towards an empty cart. “

I asked him in astonishment: “How can you know that the cart is empty if you haven’t seen it yet?”   And my father replied: “Because of the noise it makes, it is very easy to know whether it is loaded or not. The less there is in the cart, the more noise it makes. “

I grew up and whenever I meet someone today who is bragging about what they have and can do, I get the feeling that I hear my father’s voice saying: “The less there is in the cart, the more noise he does. “

Humility consists in letting our virtues speak for us and giving others the opportunity to discover them. One is only empty when one is fully convinced of oneself.

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Tell me what you are bragging about and I will tell you what your problem is

People who feel perfect are the most comfortable because they don’t feel the need to compete with others or always want to be right. They also do not want to pretend to be someone they are not or to lie, because who they are is what they show with their deeds, their harmonious and appropriate behavior.

Therefore, the basis of humility is respect and kindness towards others. This is exactly what lies behind these honest faces – feelings that are born in the heart.

But sadly there are people whose cart is so empty that it makes a lot of noise. They always have to show off something and stand above others, but those are not their real feelings. With their empty words and half-truths they want to show how valuable they are.

Behind this exhausting nature is a low self-esteem, insufficient opportunities for self-realization and a cool upbringing in childhood. Therefore , it is always appropriate and important to work on our inner emptiness, weaknesses and abilities.

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Nevertheless, it is important for us, and also completely normal, to be proud when we have achieved something. Still, there is a big difference between feeling proud about the effort and the goal achieved, or feeling superior and arrogant about it.

With that in mind, we should be very clear about two things – the foundation of humility – in order to be humble about our successes:

  • You don’t have to show off all your successes, it is enough for someone to follow your example. Real success lies in improving yourself and serving as an example to others.
  • We don’t have to blame life for what we lack. We should rather be grateful for what it gave us.

None of what we can achieve makes us a better person than everyone else. Only kindness and humility alone help us to be superior to others and are important components of a happy and fulfilling life.

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