Love Comes And Goes, But True Friends Stay Forever

Love comes and goes, but true friends stay forever

What happens when you swap your friends for a love affair? What do we actually lose when we ignore our friends because of a relationship? Taking time, for both friends and love, is an important point for a relationship to work.

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s normal to have less time to spend with friends. Sometimes plans with our new partner just seem more interesting, are the result of our being in love – we want to get to know the other better and enjoy these first moments together. This is an exciting situation that needs our attention. However , it should not lead to giving up the circle of friends completely.

A research group led by Robin Dunbar studied and showed that on average two of the five closest friends are lost when we enter into a new love affair. In addition, it was also found that couples who can enjoy their time with their friends and time with themselves are much happier in a love relationship.

Because they learn to divide their time in order to continue to take care of what makes them happy and what makes them feel good. In this way, they transfer their emotional state to the relationship and, in a certain way, strengthen it.

Love comes and goes, but true friends stay forever. So, no matter what the situation, we need to find time to keep sharing experiences with our friends. According to research by Robin Dunbar, spending time with our friends rather than devoting 100% of our time to our partner would improve our moods. This is not to say that we should ignore our significant other, just that we should seek these moments to create memories and share our time with those we have loved and cherished for a long time.

Giving up everything for love

We hear this phrase a lot and it seems very romantic, but if you give up everything for love, you give yourself up just to “be together”. However, love does not mean that two independent people have to become one, but that they enter into a symbiosis. Otherwise individuality is lost in order to form something in common: two incomplete beings, united to fill each other’s emptiness, will fail together.

Giving up everything for love?  - couple holding hands;  one of the two has a tattoo of a bird and the other a cage

But that’s not love. Love means respecting that the partner has their own time, friends and ultimately their own life and that they choose us to share with us. But not just to lead a life together. Trust and communication allow couples to enjoy their personal time, regardless of the love relationship and without negative consequences.

Giving up everything for love is a selfish decision that also means that nothing is left if the relationship breaks up, resulting in a very difficult breakup. Continuing to have time for our hobbies, our own space and still friendships enables a fulfilled life that we want to share with the person we have chosen. We shouldn’t forget that.

We also have to devote time to friends

Maintaining friendships requires understanding, but also time, just like a partnership. Time that may not be shared as constantly as it used to be, but that is honest, of high quality and full of love when you see each other. You just have to enjoy it.

Two friends are lying on a car and laughing at the sky

That is why friendship is love and we have to work on it, pay attention to it and look after it like a garden. It’s up to us, it’s our decision. We ourselves should try to ensure that these wonderful connections do not break just because we have a new partner.

We don’t like to think that a friend who has left us because of his “great” love comes back at some point to make up for lost time or to restore friendship. We don’t like to think about it because no one likes to be left, even though it’s never too late to learn that love comes and goes but true friends remain forever.

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