Living In Memories Means Living Less

Living in memories means living less

Living in memories limits us, because if you don’t enjoy the present, you don’t use it, the only moment you have to live. Life is not about memories, it is about actions. It’s not about going backwards, it’s about going forward. Nor is it about being caught between the past and the future, as if the here and now doesn’t exist.

Memories are an integral part of life and are often inevitable. In a way, memories are a way of holding onto who we are, what we love, and what we can’t lose. They still connect us with what touched us deeply.

“Yesterday is the memory of today and tomorrow is today’s dream.”

Kahlil Gibran

Memories are deceptive because they are colored and distorted with events from the present. The difference between fake and real memories is the same as with jewels: the fake ones are often the ones that look the most alluring, the ones that shine the most.

In his book Tokyo Loves Us, writer, screenwriter and director Ray Loriga no longer   expresses what scientists have long warned us about: “Memory is like the stupidest dog: you throw it a stick and it brings you everything.”

“May you live every day of your life.”

Jonathan Swift

Life would be impossible if we remembered everything

In an interview, someone asked Albert Einstein what he usually does when he has a new idea. Whether he would write this on paper or in a special notebook, for example. The scientist replied firmly: “When I have a new idea, I don’t forget it.”   And it’s true. When something excites us, it is almost impossible to forget it.

Sad woman looks through rainy window

This is how we remember what is really important and what stimulates us because it activates the areas of the brain that ensure that our memory stores the idea, the feeling, the event. One problem is that the brain also retains what we want to forget. Nothing substantiates a memory as strongly as the desire to forget it.

From reverse psychology we know that forgetting is necessary in order to store relevant memories. In the end, it is possible that the dog of our memories might not be so stupid and bring us something back instead of the stick we threw at it to do it.

“You have to live in the present, strengthen yourself with every wave, find your eternity in every moment. The stupid stay on their island of possibilities and look at other areas. There is no other area, there is no other life than this. “

Henry David Thoreau

Memories are the perfume that lasts

Joy is the flower that blooms when we live, act, or do. With this we build up our memories every day, which are the perfume that lasts. The happiest memories are those of those moments that ended exactly when they had to end without dragging on and enjoying us for too long.

That is why we do not remember days, but moments and should always have new experiences. The happiness in life lies in the memories that we are constantly creating anew. Constant action is a bit difficult, even more so when we are stuck in our comfort zone. But we have to do it in order to live intensely.

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Although we have a tangible physical body and can perceive the outside world with all our senses, we are used to living in our minds. Still, we have to make a decision: we can spend our lives remembering what happened in the past and how it made us feel. Or we can take control of our experiences and of course our emotions. We will only be able to enjoy our existence if we make the only right decision.

The key to living more than remembering is to think, imagine, and expect less. Accept what we have and nothing more. Living in the moment without being distracted by the temptations of our minds.

In general, we always prepare to live, but we never live. However, life should work the other way around. Happiness is not to be found in another place, but in the present, in the here and now. Do not forget that.

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