Little Known Facts About The Human Anatomy

In our everyday lives, we rarely stop to think about the complexity of our bodies. We take for granted the fact that we can walk, talk, and breathe without even thinking about it. But what most of us don’t know is that our anatomy is far more complex than we could ever imagine. In this blog post, I will share some little known facts about the human anatomy that will amaze you. So get ready to have your mind blown!

In a single lifetime, you produce enough saliva to fill a swimming pool

Think about how many pools of spit you have produced in your lifetime. You might not realize it, but every day and night there’s a constant flow coming out of both ends-the mouth AND the nose!

Sleeping for less than 7 hours a day decreases life expectancy

Lack of sleep can cause major problems for your health and well-being. It affects everything from how you feel to whether or not there’s enough time left in the day that belongs exclusively yours!
Lack of sleep will decrease life expectancy by about two minutes per sleeping hour Therefore if someone is getting six hours each night they’ll die four years earlier than expected while somebody who gets eight total slumbering hrs daily has his/her anticipated lifespan extended by one of ten years – meaning at least one extra golden oldie added on top during later stages.

You are at a bigger risk of dying of a heart attack on a Monday

A study has found that you are at an increased risk for sudden cardiac arrest during the workday if your employer schedules appointments in morning time slots starting between 6am and 9 am because these patients tend have less history of chronic illness or fatigue associated with them than others who wait until after 3 pm when they typically see doctors due their higher rates for stress caused by being rushed off about business rather then spending leisurely hours getting things accomplished before leaving .

A Human being can distinguish between 1 trillion different smells

Humans have a sense of smell that is so sharp and intense, they can distinguish between 1 trillion different smells. From this we know just how discerning your average person really is when it comes to selecting what fragrance goes best with them or not!

A baby has 99 more bones than an adult

We all know that babies are delicate and precious, but did you also realize there are about 100 more bones in their bodies than adults?
A young child has between 220-237 different types of tissue within them. This means they have a higher risk for complications during pregnancy or even after birth if something goes wrong with how things were developed while growing up inside the mother’s uterus (which can lead to issues like osteoporosis).

You have as much hair as a chimpanzee

humans have as much hair on their bodies than a chimpanzee.
People who don’t know any better might think that humans and chimps are equally covered, but if you look close enough there is actually quite an difference between them!

Your heart pumps enough blood to fill 200 train tanks

Your heart pumps enough blood to fill a 200-foot long train tank
A human’s cardiovascular system is one of the largest in existence. In fact, it can supply over two hundred jumbo jets with their fuel needs for an entire day!

Music heals the body

The beat drops and you can feel it in your chest. It’s a good feeling knowing that music has this much power to heal us from within, healing every broken heart while filling up all empty spaces with love until they are full once more.

An unborn baby can actually save the mother

The mother’s life may be at stake if she doesn’t carry her pregnancy to term.
As it turns out, an unborn baby has been found to have some pretty amazing abilities that can help save the mommy from certain death! An investigation by The Journal Of Pediatrics & Birth Services recently revealed just how important these little ones are during delivery time: researchers discovered when pregnant women were given medications called teammates before they delivered either their first or second born child there was significantly less risk for them experiencing complications than those who did not receive medication (which is basically saying no matter what size your bundle of joys will always come out safe). And we all know anything worth saving deserves our best efforts right?

Your eyes actually never change in size.

When it comes to the appearance of our face, there is one part that never changes – Your eyes! They stay exactly where they need be: sitting in front on us and guiding what you see.
The nose will shift around a bit more than ears did when we were children; this could really affect how well people can breathe with their own voice (or other instruments).

You lose 600,000 particles of skin in every hour

You lose more skin than you would in a month if it were replaced by new cells.
It turns out that we are constantly shedding 600,000 particles of our own integument every single hour!

The fastest human sense is hearing and the most active muscle is the eye

We all know that hearing is the fastest human sense and it only takes about one hundredth of a second for an optic nerve signal to travel from your ear canals, through parts deep inside each temple bone (yes actually), down into those little critters up on their platforms behind our eyes – where they connect with other signals coming across various nerves involved in processing visual information. It’s these combined sensations which give rise out something you might see as movement or sound.

Your body has enough acid to dissolve a razor blade and more chemicals

Your body is a self-contained unit of measurement, and it has enough acid for you.
The human mouth produces between 2 to 3 teaspoons per day–more than enough! Our mouths are naturally bacteria free thanks in part because they’re covered by thick layers or enamel which protects them from the acidic environment around us; this same function also keeps food tasting better longer when speaking with friends who might not brush their teeth afterward (or ever).

You are like a chemical equation. You have enough acid in your body to dissolve any razor blade and more chemicals!

The feet contain 52 bones

The feet contain one of the most complex structures in our body. There are 52 bones that make up each foot, with many joints between them all working together to allow for movement and support your weight when walking or running
There’s even an ankle bone which allows you rotate these big weighs around without breaking anything!

When you wake up, you are actually taller than you were before you slept

You are taller than you thought! When waking from sleep, your brain temporarily increases the amount of nervous system chemicals that make up height. This is because during slumber our bodies were at rest and so we grew relative to how tall they normally would be in a resting state
What this means for me: If I don’t go back to bed after getting out of it then eventually my stature will return its original level but if i do fall asleep again within 24 hours or more often than not…I’ll continue growing steadily until next time someone wakes me up.


Have you heard of any of these facts about the human anatomy? If not, we recommend that you share this post with your friends and family. You may be surprised at what they know! The next time someone asks “why do I have a tailbone?”, tell them to read our blog for an answer. We hope you enjoyed reading our little-known facts about the human anatomy as much as we loved compiling it all together into one place for easy reference. Whether or not you learned anything new today, please let us know in the comments section below so we can continue providing valuable information like this on a regular basis!

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