In Order To Be Able To Live, We Sometimes Have To Distance Ourselves From Certain People

In order to be able to live, we sometimes have to distance ourselves from certain people

In order to be happy, we have to distance ourselves from certain people from time to time. We must learn to live and disregard destructive actions, words or feelings.

There are those who are constantly on the lookout for arguments and whine our ears with their complaints, judgments and tragedies. This behavior is exhausting, disruptive and highly toxic as our well-being is negatively affected by these actions.

Therefore we have to banish the energetic and reality-destroying acts of these people from our lives. So the first thing we should learn to ignore these people at moments when they are causing us harm.


Distance yourself from everything that distances you from yourself

Distance yourself from everything that harms you, darkens your life and turns joy into suffering. Distance yourself from toxic people and your health will thank you. You can’t let them destroy the magic of your world.

Emotional balance should contribute to your wellbeing, and while suffering is inevitable and we should accept it, it is necessary that we face it with strong will. This means that sometimes we also have to hug our inner demons to understand that, in truth, they are not that cruel.

Don’t forget that every now and then we need to free ourselves. Both the mind and the body have to distance themselves from free radicals, negative feelings, past conflicts and exhausting people.

Loosen up

Distance yourself from suffering

Saying goodbye to suffering can be challenging, but sometimes it’s just important to draw a line and reconsider our priorities. Therefore, we should avoid painful feelings that are unhealthy for us and burden our soul, prevent us from growing.

As the philosopher Epictetus once said: “What troubles us are not the deeds, but the thoughts about them.”   For this reason, we should be able to identify, express and evaluate our feelings in a strategic way. How this is supposed to work is shown below:

1. Express our feelings

We always say so beautifully that every now and then we don’t need a brilliant mind to talk to us, but a peaceful heart that listens to us. Our emotions are made to be expressed, so suppressing them out of fear only tarnishes our reality. For example, if we accumulate too many sad feelings, it can lead to depression.

2. Find out the cause of painful feelings

It is perfectly normal for us to be scared of this analysis, but we cannot hide our mistakes, because it only increases our negative feelings. The origin of negative feelings is solely a matter of the head.

When we think that it is terrible that our child has left the house , it makes us feel different from thinking that while we are saddened to be leaving, this is life. The latter thought drives away anxiety and possible depression.

The same thought, but the different way of thinking, can lead to different emotions. Therefore, we should avoid shame, but not disappointment, avoid guilt but not remorse, and rid ourselves of anger but not annoyance.

3. Development, liberation and purification of these feelings

It is not enough just to take a closer look at our feelings. We have to understand what’s behind this. That is the only way we can set ourselves free. Perhaps it is inevitable that a small “unhealthy”   part of these feelings and thoughts will be left behind, but what we need to be aware of is that we must not intensify them.

Beautiful hands

Hold on to people who enchant your world

You shouldn’t let people who enrich your world go and let them disappear from your life. Guard everything in your life that helps you in any way and makes you a better person.

Suffering, enduring and sacrificing your life is not what makes you a human being or what makes you a better person. It just makes you feel bad. Surrounding yourself with negative personalities puts a shadow over everything we shine about.

Preserve and enrich your life with relationships that promote your prosperity. Always treat others honestly, attentively and respectfully. Always keep your door wide open to good people and distance yourself from anything that pulls you down. Your mental and physical health will thank you.

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