In Every Happy Person There Is A Fighter

There is a fighter in every happy person

There is a fighter in every happy woman. In every man who smiles at life there is a constant battle against life’s problems and fears … Because happiness is not something that rains down on us. It is the will not to give up, to do the work. It’s resilience.

“Happiness is inside and is not a play on words. So it doesn’t depend on what we have, but on what we are. “

Henry van Dyke

Life is not easy. We know that sounds a little stoic. But we can certainly agree that it’s true. And in fact, the stoic philosopher Epictetus told us about 130 BC. Taught a very important lesson that, strangely enough, is still valid today, in the 21st century: Since we are not in control of our surroundings, the Greek philosopher said we should focus on the aspects that we could control. And how we react. The thoughts that arise in our heads. Only when we curb these negative emotions would we find clarity, inner peace, and even freedom.

This idea should help us understand something very simple, something very fundamental: when we meet someone who at first sight seems to have revealed the secret of happiness, we can now understand that it is not magic. That he doesn’t have a wand. And nothing we don’t have, nothing to be jealous of.

There is a fighter in every happy person. A person who does their job every day to overcome their limiting attitudes and develop their own strengths. It is these types of people who step out of their comfort zone every day. It is the people who learn from every “bad thing” that happens to them. And despite their best efforts, they look to life with hope.

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You need a lot to be happy

Yes much! If you’ve ever heard that saying that you don’t need much to be happy, you should know that it isn’t true. Because we really need a lot. V ieles what we can call “inner work”. That kind of psychological, motivational, and emotional work that needs to be done to find happiness doesn’t happen overnight.

Oliver Bukerman is one of the most famous authors who write on the subject of happiness. His vision is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and daring we can imagine. His book    (in German, for example: The Antidote: Happiness for people who can’t stand positive thinking , not yet available in German) invites us to put Martin Seligman’s classic focus aside. And there are good reasons …

Many self-help books tell us to cultivate our positive side. Strive to always look on the positive side of things. Always ponder the best way this sunlit road will appear at our feet.

Oliver Bukerman explains that these ideas vanished pretty quickly. And they could even prove counterproductive. The current economic climate, coupled with political and ecological uncertainty, mean that it is often not enough to have hope. It is simply not enough to just have a positive focus.

Hug the world

He suggests that we should first accept that life is hard. And that bad things happened to good people too. And that sometimes even hard work doesn’t lead to a positive result. That is the problem.

A positive attitude is good, but being able to process negative things is essential. We should be able to accept mistakes – and then move on. Accept the losses – and face them. Understand that life means constant change. Be a fighter.

Strategies for happy people who are fighters

We already know we need good luck. We should be effective processors of our negative emotions, skilled architects of realistic goals. Be a fighter no matter what fate puts in your way …

“Happiness consists more in the small pleasures of the joys that occur every day than in the great bliss that rarely happen to a man in the course of his life.”

Benjamin Franklin

Obviously no one ever taught us how to do this. And we don’t discover these “mystical secrets” overnight. But let’s not give up. Here are some things to think about. Simple strategies and approaches to life that we could adopt.

  • The world is the way it is: it changes, random and hard. We should accept this complexity and not hide from it. Don’t take the easy route. Say no to the lie of “no matter what I do, there is no hope anyway”.
  • Do not visualize yourself as a strong, brave and skillful hero with a shiny weapon. Like a piece of bamboo that fights the wind every day and wins against even the strongest storms.
  • Create a new worldview in which you can also accept the negative instead of just setting positive schemes. This way you will not only survive but also learn.
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  • Finally, one strategy that may be helpful to you when you feel overwhelmed and lost: go for a walk. Exercise is very useful when you feel cooped up. It’s an easy, cheap, and accessible way to learn to be happy.

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