“I Will Love You Tacitly ” – The Power Of Non-verbal Communication

"I will silently love you" - the power of non-verbal communication

In many cases, words are not necessary to express our feelings and affection. We’re talking about the power of non-verbal communication, which is a powerful form of “conversation”. She doesn’t need words to touch someone else’s soul. In addition, non-verbal communication takes place on a less conscious level than communication with words. That is why it is more reliable and more difficult to manipulate. Furthermore, we have to take into account that words reveal no more than 10% of the information that we want to convey.

Many memorable masterpieces date from the 1980s, including the movie entitled  God’s Forgotten Children   . The main actors are William Hurt in the role of “James” and Marlee Matlin as “Sarah”, who later received the Oscar for best actress for her portrayal.

It is the story of a deaf-mute young woman who, despite all adversities, gets involved in a romance with a teacher at her deaf school and finally falls in love with him. It is a story that invites us to think about all that can be communicated through body language. We are reminded that they most aptly express how we feel deep within.

The key scene was filmed in the swimming pool of a beach house, where we can really appreciate the sign language the two use to communicate. In this exchange of messages, the affection that both feel for one another is more than clearly expressed. There are no words and no verbal exchange here, but neither is this necessary.

Nonverbal communication between the lovers from the movie "God's Forgotten Children"

More than words: the power of non-verbal communication

When we return to the movie scene, we don’t hear a spoken word in it, but we witness a passionate conversation in which James asks questions with sincere looks and Sarah responds with impartial tenderness. You will see that nothing can be questioned and nothing can be misinterpreted, that the feelings are real.

Leading actors from the film "God's Forgotten Children" exchange a look in love.

The sincerity of the looks

The visual system is most closely related to our feelings. If we want to hide our mood or if we don’t want anyone to interpret what we are really saying, then we look away.

Our looks can give us away – there is no escape when another person is watching us. We feel naked and trapped at the same time – we are left speechless. With just one glance we can let our charms play, dup someone, give someone importance, we can spark enthusiasm and attract a person for eternity.

If a person loves us and we love them too, an intense look from them can trigger a tingly feeling in our stomach area that is very difficult to evoke in any other way. An intense look is the best place of refuge one can seek. Because in him it is possible to find enormous understanding or to feel like a stranger in an inhospitable world. Either way, looks have great power within them.

A timely look, along with an unexpected tender touch, can penetrate another person’s soul as deeply as pretty words could never do. One look gives us the ability to overcome any barrier or limit. Because through our gaze we can reveal our most intimate inner selves.

The power of non-verbal communication in the classic "God's Forgotten Children"

Feeling is so much more important than listening

Sarah will never be able to say “I love you,” but there is a good chance  that James doesn’t need to hear either. He already knows because Sarah’s gestures, her facial expression or the way she looks at him for a long time leave no room for doubt. It has to do with a message that is open, clear, and sincere. It is sent with the priority that the body transmits.

This teaches us how natural it is to express our feelings without words and compliments. It teaches us the truth, a real attraction that lasts, with a considerable helping of passion, sincerity, and truthfulness. It also teaches us the great longing to communicate by means of a silent force, which at the same time exerts a fascination on us.

A message to you that you are unknown to me – or maybe I do know you after all: Open your eyes and explain yourself through your looks, use your hands and hold tight to this person who is so important to you. Basically, what I mean by that is don’t lower your eyelids, hide your hands, or tense your face to avoid smiling. Love in silence and the pronounced “I love you”   becomes unnecessary because you will have already said it. And your counterpart will already know.

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