I Will Live Until Death

I will live to the death

“The next time you have to decide something in your own life or make a personal choice, ask yourself this important question: ‘How long will I be dead?’ In front of this eternal prospect you can now decide how you want, and you can leave the people behind you who always only live in fear and worry. Likewise, you can dismiss the question of guilt and the question of whether you can afford to do something.

If you don’t start doing this, you can already imagine what your life will be like – the way other people want it to be. Sure, if your time on earth is so short, it should at least be comfortable. In short: It’s your life, do what you want with him. “

Wayne Dyer

What do these words evoke in you? Utopia? Idealism? Not feasible in practice?

May they appear to you as they want, these words are about you, or more precisely about your life, which so often ends bitter and lonely.

Without bringing up strangers, we will try that you calm your inner state, that you reflect more and that you begin to become aware that the greatest challenge does not lie in your circumstances, but in yourself.

Starting from this article, we will take apart the ideas that seem idealistic to you, analyze them and finally we will develop some advice so that you can carry out the ideas.

We do all this because we basically believe that we are just low beings and that life is a gift, but your existence is a fact and it is worth living without your head making trauma out of this path. It’s just a walk, a walk worth taking and respecting, as Frank Sinatra once said, “I will live my life until I die.”

First reflection:

Hang on to your unsolvable problems as well as your worries that will never go away. Hang them up, look at them and think: what can I do with them?

If you can’t do anything with it, let it hang. When a concern seems useful to you in moving forward, seize it. We’ll see later if you can really wear them. You leave the rest there.

It’s not about letting the others rot, but leaving them exposed to the wind, the earth, the sun and the rain. Perhaps these natural forces can do something to them, but your head can no longer. There is no solution, no reason why they should show up in your life even though you have been thinking back years of what must have happened, what brought them into your life.

You did everything to find an answer, and all of that come together within you. But the worries don’t find a form to fit into your head without hurting you. So  let them go. You’re in a bigger, wiser place. Maybe they wanted to go into another reality because your mind has suffocated them. Turn around: do you feel relieved now?

Second reflection:

There are worse things than worry and uncertainty. There is trauma, pain, loss and disease. It’s harder to get these out of your head, but you can take it into your own hands, support it by not giving up the experimental value they had in your life.

Endure all of these things for a period of time as long as you need. Learn from the lessons they taught you or which they are still teaching you because it is such lessons that will help you move forward to get better.

Don’t stay in this suffering, give it to the universe, tell it what it can do with it and you can move forward in return . The universe will be satisfied.


Third reflection:

Advance easily. Now is the time to regain the magic you lost one day. Be intuitive. Look at nature. Smile. Do all that you’ve done, but without any emotional burden.

Remind yourself that it doesn’t matter what you think, but what you do. You dare!


If you are nervous, sad, confused, or fearful, which are feelings, treat them as such. Don’t avoid them, they belong to you. They are our rucksack, but they don’t interrupt our actions. You do. It is not them that sets us apart, but what we do with them or what we do with them, even if we don’t want them.

Take on the challenge of living your life even though you don’t feel ready for anything. If you had known everything, how boring would that be?

Fourth reflection:

Now let’s move on to a “complicated” phase. It’s time to choose. We all die the same way, so may the others let you live how you want them to.

What do you allow yourself on this point? Don’t you think it’s time to look for amplifiers? To look for the things in life that are good for you?

Maybe it feels strange leaving so much pain behind. This is normal because sadness is addicting. Your head tells you sad things and you act on what it tells you; it has always been like that.

To change this routine that got you so bogged down, don’t wait for your head to tell you, “Now!”   Our minds evolved to warn us of danger and are therefore not very compassionate. Now is the time to do the things your soul and instinct tell you, but you never stopped to listen.

Making a phone call, reading, buying a ticket and going on a trip, going for a walk or just hugging, these are things that are good for you. Sit down and reflect. When you stop struggling with destructive feelings, everything will start to look different.

Fifth reflection:

Choose. Choose how you want to be. Like a soul in the middle of this immense universe that doesn’t ask you for explanations. Do not decide according to expediency, not according to what constitutes your gender, decide what you want to do with your time.

Choose what you see. Pick the people who are close to you. Choose what you read. Turn off the TV. Select without being harsh.

Build a life that is consistent with your values, even if the majority don’t share them.

It is clear that this life is tough at times, but maybe death scares you instead of showing you that life is short and you should enjoy it.

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