I Don’t Forgive You For Not Being Able To Fly

I don't forgive you for not being able to fly

I don’t care if you have blue or black eyes, if your hair is blonde or white, if you still have full hair or a bald head, if your skin color is dark or light, but what I cannot forgive you is that your feet not even lift a little from the earth, that you are not letting your imagination fly, that you are not surrounded by your dreams, that you cannot fly.

A person who cannot fly anchors you to the ground, ties you up, sews your wings, does not make you dream, does not make you think of the clouds, the sun, the sand, the waves. A person who can’t fly won’t let you be yourself.

What does a person who can fly do

A person who can fly will inspire you, will sweep your soul and heart away, make you dream, take you on a journey with all your senses, will dance with you, will whisper something in your ear, become your skin and caress your mind and let you fly. A person who can fly …

She is wrapped in sensitivity

Sensitivity determines every day of a person who can fly. A person who can fly will focus all of their senses on every detail of their existence. She will manage to smell the clouds, caress the smell of wet earth, taste the words that have fallen from her lips. She is by nature an observer, curious about life, about other people.  She is extremely sensitive,  she laughs, cries or gets excited about a flower or a gust of wind.


She is a daydreamer

If you see a person who seems to be very far away from their everyday life, who lets themselves be carried away by their dreams, then it is a person who can fly. In this state she comes up with many brilliant ideas. In order to dream awake, you need great concentration, courage and a desire to learn. The flying people visualize the present, the past, the future and weave them together to create the stuff of dreams.

She enjoys her solitude

Solitude is an opportunity to search for who we are in every corner of our soul. Loneliness is a good travel companion when we feel bad, as it has a healing effect on us, it makes us think, lets us organize our ideas. If you fly you will know that.

She falls and gets up again

A person who flies, stumbles and falls, gets up again. If she stumbles again and the same obstacle causes her to fall, then she knows that she is not staggering, but that she made up her mind to do so. She makes 1000 mistakes, but never gives up, but learns from her mistakes. A person can fly when they see each mistake as a new opportunity.

She takes a risk

A person flying enjoys taking risks because they know that a good outcome promises great results. She’ll take the risk of loving you if you let her step into your world where you’re still on tiptoe ready to take off. She will give you her smiles, kisses and hugs, she will caress your risks and show you to live them.

They pursue their passion

Then when someone flies, they are indulging their passions, struggling to discover what really moves their hearts and will not stop chasing it. When a person can fly, they develop a passion for someone, let their senses fly, suffer, cry, laugh and live. She lets her heart drift. If she feels its beating, then we choose what makes it hit fast and hard. When she feels pain in her heart, she lets go, with sadness, but also with conviction.

Flying woman

She loses track of time

If you fly, you will find that while you are dreaming, the days, hours, minutes and seconds completely lose their meaning. An hour becomes a second, a week becomes a century. However, in every moment you know what you did, you know that it was worth the effort just to see that moment. Time is relative when you are flying, you just have to spread your wings and let them carry you.

“I don’t care at all
whether women have breasts like magnolias or dried figs , whether
their facial skin is like a peach or tissue paper.
I don’t care
whether you wake up in the morning with an aphrodisiac breath
or an insecticide-like breath.
I am perfectly capable of enduring
a nose that
wins first prize in a carrot competition.
But there is one point where I am uncompromising:
I do not forgive them, under any circumstances, if they cannot fly.
If you can’t fly, you’re wasting your time trying to seduce me! “

Oliveiro Girondo

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