How Empathy Improves Your Relationships

If you enjoy spending precious moments by the side of your loved one, time seems to stand still even if the hands of the watch keep moving. But of course that doesn’t mean that there are only good days in life. Therefore, in today’s article we want to show you how empathy can improve your relationships.
How empathy improves your relationships

Having a good time with loved ones will recharge your batteries. The mutual hugs are full of love. Then, when you think back to all the time you spent together, your heart beats faster with happiness and affection. These are the people that you keep in your heart. But times are not always so rosy. Therefore, in today’s article we want to show you how empathy can improve your relationships.

When you are surrounded by loved ones, it makes you feel really alive, loved and needed. The connection that exists between you is based on empathy. Below we will find out how empathy improves your relationships.

Surrounding yourself with people who mean a lot to you gives you empathy. This empathy is a type of sensitivity that enables you to understand what is going on in you and in other people as well.

It also connects you to the world that surrounds you. Empathy begins individually and later leads to a life together. We want to take a closer look at how this happens in the following.

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Empathic behavior begins with and within yourself

The empathy that people usually talk about starts when you get to know yourself better. You become aware of your own feelings and try to control yourself.

You don’t just have to recognize which emotions you are feeling in certain situations. In addition, you also need to avoid being overwhelmed by your feelings and determining your behavior. If you want to empathize with other people, you cannot let your own mood overwhelm you.

The famous psychoanalytic psychiatrist Sigmund Freud once said: “Man cannot keep a secret, because even if his lips remain sealed, he speaks with his fingertips and betrayal seeps through each of his pores.”

The ability to identify the emotional signals that indicate loyalty and sincere affection is a gift that you receive from social experiences.

Or as Daniel Goleman put it: You can think of empathy as a kind of social radar. The ability to connect with the inner experiences of others prevents your relationships from being mechanical.

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How empathy improves your relationships

Robert Levenson of the University of California studied how different lovers communicate with one another. The couples who entered the lab were asked to have two types of conversations. One with a neutral tone (“How was your day?”) And one where there was a disagreement.

Meanwhile, Levenson and his team observed parameters such as heart rate and facial expressions. When the couples empathized with each other’s feelings, their bodies mimicked each other’s movements. In fact, their hearts beat in unison and their facial expressions were in sync.

That said, in situations of true empathy, it’s like being in an emotional choreography. Believe it or not, it is precisely this synchronization that is the key to success in your relationships.

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It’s a wonderful thing to have people in life who encourage you, people who understand you and who you understand. In light of the above, however, you mustn’t forget that empathy starts with yourself and the discovery of your own emotions. Now that you know how empathy can improve your relationships, you will surely agree with us that it is very worthwhile to continuously work on your own empathy.

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