How Cigarette Smoke Obscures Your Gaze

How the cigarette smoke obscures your gaze

“The habit is stronger than the mind.”

George Sanayana

Nowadays there are many people who have a habit of smoking. Some of them are aware of the responsibility that smoking brings, while others prefer to be generous about the consequences.

We can enumerate an infinite number of health reasons that speak against smoking, although you have probably already read them all and they have made no impression on you.

Smoking works as a positive reinforcer (it decreases the desire to take a few puffs and puts an end to anxiety) as well as a negative reinforcer (it removes you from situations in which you would rather be on the edge).

In this article we want to analyze which psychological processes increase your smoking behavior. In doing so, let’s focus on the enhancers that we believe are strongly related to what you pretend to avoid when you light a cigarette.

Then we will enumerate aspects in which smoking hides parts of your personality or your personal situation, and we will show that cigarette smoke prevents you from seeing clearly, both physically and psychologically.

Let’s look at a few points:

  • The cigarette smoke binds your hands, which means that you feel unable to take control of your life or to work with your body in any unforeseen situation.
  • The cigarette smoke does not allow you to look at another person without a break. Your smoking style may be creating a protective barrier to prevent you from developing deeper relationships with other people.
  • Cigarette smoke prevents you from realizing everyday routines without being part of them. It disrupts your concentration and poisons your moments of relaxation and pause, although you are certainly thinking the opposite.
  • The cigarette smoke doesn’t let you know your loneliness. At your window, in your room, in your office. It does not let you see how lonely you are (in a negative as well as in a positive sense), which is why you are losing consciousness of the real moment.
  • The cigarette smoke doesn’t let you see the world. A sunset, your child’s first steps, you always break contact with the outside world by lighting your cigarette.
  • Cigarette smoke does not let you know when you like a food or when you don’t like it. Everything seems the same to you because the taste of smoking mixes with everything else.
  • The cigarette smoke prevents you from enduring frustration. It won’t let you look at a map in peace if you’re lost and it prevents you from being patient enough to plan something more or less important.
  • The cigarette smoke forbids you a temporal freedom. You have to wait for your cigarette to do something because you believe your productivity is linked to it.
  • The cigarette smoke won’t let you go out of the house in peace. You go out to buy cigarettes and to destroy your body and psyche with the 20 units of nicotine.
  • The cigarette smoke prevents you from showing your good upbringing because you have to light your cigarette out of necessity in inappropriate situations.
  • The cigarette smoke prevents you from walking 8 kilometers and only 4 instead, and the day is actually so precious that you should exercise more at your age.
  • Cigarette smoke prevents you from realizing that you could use your monthly expenses on cigarettes more meaningfully, for example for gifts to the people you like or for plane tickets.
  • The cigarette smoke prevents you from smelling good, even if you bought an expensive perfume.
  • The cigarette smoke prevents you from realizing that you are wasting your health, your time and your money.

Put out the cigarette and start new habits!



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