Honesty Is A Way Of Life

If you want to be honest with others, you have to be honest with yourself first. If you have a clear idea of ​​what you want and don’t want, you can avoid emotionally stressful situations.
Honesty is a way of life

Being honest saves time and keeps relationships healthy. When you are honest with yourself about your limits and what you think is right, it is much easier to get along with people and avoid awkward situations. However, it is not always easy to be honest with yourself and others. Because honesty is a way of life and requires considerable commitment.

According to Confucius, a sincere person who always speaks the truth is already on his way to heaven. While this is a nice thought, most of us tell small white lies because we are afraid of being rejected or tested.

There are many situations in which you feel compelled to tell half a truth. Although your intentions are good, white lies can lead to negative situations later. Being honest (without sharing too much) should be your standard mechanism for building healthier lives for yourself and those around you.

Transparent communication that is free of facades, lies, fears and condescension brings harmony into your life.

Honesty is a way of life: be honest with yourself

Transparent communication that is free from facades, lies, fears and condescension brings harmony into your life. Some people brag about how respectful and honest they are, despite being nothing more than professionals in the art of hypocrisy. They fake feelings, behaviors, and ideas.

The world is full of people who are on the wrong track. They think one thing and say another and act in direct opposition to their worldview. If you live this way and your thoughts and desires are out of sync, you can become unhappy in the long run.

A study by Dr. Stephen Rosenbaum from the University of Southern Denmark makes it clear that honesty must be a social norm. Sincerity and transparency make relationships easier and help you succeed at work and stay emotionally balanced. It is the foundation for your well-being and that of the people around you.

However, as with so many things in life, living an honest life is easier said than done. In the following we give you some strategies that can help you to find the right way.

Start by being honest with yourself

It’s hard to ignore that little voice in your head that is adding to your fears. “If you tell your boss this, they’ll be mad at you” or “Don’t tell your friend how you feel because he’ll just reject you.” These defenses form barricades that prevent you from saying and doing what you want. Not only do they make it impossible to be sincere, but they also hinder your personal growth.

To be honest with yourself, it takes an authentic and courageous internal dialogue. You should be able to ask yourself what you want and what you need and then give yourself honest answers. Because only then can you be honest with others.

To be honest with yourself, it takes an authentic and courageous internal dialogue.

Dishonesty makes you unhappy

As we mentioned above, honesty saves valuable time and energy. It helps you invest time and effort in people and activities that are inconsistent with your values. When people behave honestly and honestly with one another, trust is easy. There is nothing like taking advice from someone who speaks from their heart without ulterior motives.

On the other hand, half-truths and white lies quickly lead to more lies and deceptions. They build on each other like a house of cards and the whole thing can collapse at any time. A tremendous psychological effort is required to maintain these facades. Consuming this energy is not useful, logical, or healthy.

Honesty is a brave and healthy way of life

Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman, two psychologists who specialize in parenting , wrote in their book 10 Shocking Truths About Upbringing (2011) that children lie to their parents far more often than we think. They do it to make their parents happy and to meet their expectations. Children think that if they tell their parents how they really feel, they will let them down.

Perhaps that’s why people lie in the first place. We are afraid of disappointing other people and not being who they think we are. We don’t want to lose relationships or create distance between ourselves and the people we love. While this is easy to understand, it doesn’t change the truth: falsehood reveals who you are.

Being honest can be shocking or surprising, but it’s worth it. Because in the long run you will create a healthier, happier and more meaningful life for yourself and those around you. Honesty is a way of life that will lead to many positive things. What are you waiting for?

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