Worst Exercises For People Over 40

Exercises So you’re over 40 and you’re thinking about exercising to stay healthy. Good for you! But before you start, make sure you know which exercises are best for people your age. Some exercises are actually bad for older adults, so it’s important to learn which ones to avoid. Here are the worst exercises for people over 40.

Chronic Cardio

Chronic cardio may not be good for people over 40. The number one complaint from patients with heart disease is that it makes them feel like they’re never going to get any better, and the reality couldn’t possibly be worse than what these individuals perceive on an daily basis!

Standing Toe Touch

It’s true that our toes are all connected, but it turns out there is a serious downside to standing toe-toes. When you stand with your feet straight out in front of you and press down on each digit individually with no space between them for air or movement – like an old school exerciser routine would have us do while balancing atop one foot (or sometimes both) at once–then yes! You’ll feel this tension throughout every part if not altogether simultaneously because who doesn’t love struggling against themselves? However unlike regular exercise which helps build strength through repetitive motion; here we’re just accentuating existing problems.

Hovering Leg Lift

Hovering your leg can cause stability issues for people over 40. The Hover Leg Lift is generally safe to use, but it’s important that you know the risks and consequences of using this treatment before trying out any exercises or medications on your own without talking with a doctor first!

Behind the Neck Press

The old adage “you’re only as young you feel” rings true with this one. While it may seem like the Behind The Neck Press will give your chest muscles a good stretch and leave no room for further improvement, studies show otherwise! In fact there are limits on how much weight can be lifted by people over 40 due to their joint structures being more prone towards injury when doing certain exercises such as these type done while standing or sitting down at desks all day long.

Leg Extension

The oldies are at a disadvantage when it comes to leg extension. While they can get away with doing simple tasks like reaching the top shelf in their kitchens, those who are older than 40 years of age may want consider alternatives such as using an itemized list or taking up stairs rather than climbing on all fours just because there’s more distance between each step!

Sit-Ups and Crunches

We know old dogs can still learn new tricks, but if you’re over 40 and need a little help with those sit-ups or crunches then it might be time for an anatomy lesson.
Aging is not just about getting weaker d in the same way that our muscles go into decline after middle age – there’s also structural damage to consider! The average person sees their spine curve slightly more as they get older which could lead them towards back problems in general (or even arthritis). And don’t forget how much easier these exercises become when done against resistance.

Trunk Twist

Trunk Twist is not for people over 40. It can lead to a loss of balance, coordination and general sense on how things work in your body if you aren’t used it regularly or have been without exercise recently. And because it requires a lot of flexibility in areas like your lower back and neck, it’s dangerous and has a good chance that you could cause damage. If possible, do a proper warm-up before doing this exercise, or instead, to a standing trunk rotation since its easier on your muscles.



It is true that deadlifting can be bad for your back if you are over 40. The average person’s spine starts to lose its natural flexibility after around twenty years of age, which means it becomes more difficult and painful than before! Deadlifts puts unnecessary stress on this already compromised area so avoid doing them unless absolutely necessary.


Squats are a great way to get the blood flowing and stay strong. They can even help you lose weight if done properly, but they’re not good for people over 40 because of how much pressure it puts on your lower back
Squatting has been shown time after again as being one surefire strategy that works no matter what age group we’re talking about – whether someone is just starting out in exercise phases or sporting some old injuries from past endeavors

Smith machine and leg pressing

It is said that over 40 degrees Fahrenheit, Smith machine and leg pressing should not be done. There are many reasons for this but one of them being the risk on sustaining serious injuries such as lower back pain or fractures in case you fall down while doing these exercises with no cushioning at all!

High-impact Exercises


The heart of a 40-year old is not the same as it was at 20!
The High Impact exercises are bad for people over 40 because they can lead to chronic pain and slower recovery time. This might be good news if you’re looking forward towards an early death but most seniors would rather just try something easier on their joints that doesn’t make them feel like total crap all day long every single moment of everyday.

Triceps Dips


Triceps dips are a great way to get the blood flowing and work up some muscle, but they’re not so good for people over 40. The reason? Your body has less recover time after doing tricep-dip exercise than when doing other types of arm exercises like bicep curls or shoulder flies because it takes longer for your elbows and arms muscles (which do most lifting) to return fully from their position at side degrees while extended out in front before reattaching themselves under control again – this can take as long 20+ seconds per rep depending on how far you go! So if that’s something important enough then maybe give ’em an honest try–but otherwise don’t waste.

Behind The Neck Lat Pulldowns


A lot of people think that behind-the neck lat pulldowns are good for older individuals. They’re not! This exercise should only be done by those who have strong necks or can otherwise keep their head still during execution time because it places unnecessary stress on them if performed incorrectly which could lead to injury.

Dumbbell Flyes


Dumbbell Flyes may be a great way to get your muscles glowing but they’re not good for people over 40. The exercise is excellent in building strength and size, especially if you’ve been sedentary for awhile or are newbie at lifting weights–the workload will push any beginner into the next level of difficulty with ease! However as we age our metabolism slows down which means that burning calories becomes slower too; this can lead guys who seem fine during their workout session turn completely drained after doing just one set on bench press.

Extreme Exercises


Extreme exercises are not good for people over the age of 40. A study was conducted to see how different types of activity affect our heart and lungs when we’re mature, middle-aged or elderly; what they found surprised them!
The researchers discovered that high intensity interval training improved health more than low impact workouts like walking on flat ground with no resistance – even if you do it three times per week (or twice). In fact after just six weeks most participants felt better while having fewer symptoms associated w/high Sitting Behavior Research shows us this type helps prevent chronic disease because it keeps blood moving through our bodies.


The worst exercises for people over 40 are those that focus on the wrong areas of their body. If you want to stay healthy, strong and happy into your golden years, then it’s important to consider what type of exercise will be most beneficial for you as an individual. We hope this article has helped by showing some examples of these types so you can find one or two that work best for your lifestyle. Have fun with them!

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