Forgive – Free Yourself From The Past And Look To The Future

Forgive - free yourself from the past and look to the future

Forgiveness is one of the most generous kinds of generosity there is. Forgiving someone is an almost inevitable part of all relationships we have. Forgiving and asking for forgiveness is liberating, and whoever makes it up is incredibly courageous. Both demand a lot more from us than not asking for forgiveness or not forgiving the alternatives. They are therefore the answer to the frequently asked question: How do I free myself from the past?

There are people who do not forgive because they think that doing so will not absolve others of their guilt. But the truth is that those who cannot forgive suffer most. Those who cannot do it keep the pain inside themselves, which becomes a dangerous and uncontrollable dagger that can dig its way into our heart unpredictably at any time.

“He who is unable to forgive is unable to love.”

Martin Luther King

Not knowing how to forgive leads to anger and resentment, which most likely results in these feelings affecting your thoughts. Forgiving someone who has hurt you is not easy. Therefore, it is necessary to be clear about how to proceed in order to free yourself from these wounds of the past and to leave the emotionally depressing burden behind.

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When forgiveness is misunderstood

Some have a misconception about forgiveness. They believe it is some kind of competition where there are winners and a punished loser. One mistaken conception of forgiveness has to do with the following:

  • Free the other from his act
  • Give in
  • “Turn the other cheek”
  • Pretend nothing happened
  • Let yourself be carried away by the fact that your own anger is not justified
  • Make a commitment to getting on well with someone who feels like hurting you again

“Only the really brave spirits know how to forgive. A wicked being never forgives because it is not in his nature. “

Laurence stars

Understand forgiveness as a liberating act that heals

But forgiving someone has absolutely nothing to do with the points listed above. Forgiveness has to do with ourselves, with feeling good about ourselves and not letting the punishment go beyond deliberation and the learning process. Characteristics of forgiveness are therefore:

  • Say goodbye to resentment or hatred
  • Heal wounds and make scars disappear
  • A decision made to feel more mentally balanced
  • Helps you focus on the positive aspects
  • Includes the great opportunity to start all over again
  • Easing yourself: It’s your choice, and you shouldn’t forget that you have power over your feelings.

Let time work for you

If you are in pain because of something, remind yourself that you cannot change the past and yet it is the present and the future that give you the opportunity to change something – more precisely: to prevent, avoid and remedy.

Allow your positive energy to emerge without coercion and a heated argument. Allow yourself to focus on getting better and not let your pain spoil the rest of the beautiful things in your life.

Asking for forgiveness and forgiving is equally liberating

Small bouquet of flowers to ask for forgiveness

Forgiving is a great act of kindness towards us and towards our fellow human beings, which makes it easier for you to look forward again and to understand that there is nothing more harmful than to be indecent with yourself. The person who is forgiven can learn an important lesson about humanity and courage, which will also change their point of view.

The pain caused by disappointment is sometimes inevitable. But you shouldn’t allow him to be a permanent part of your life either, because he’ll make himself so comfortable with you that he won’t want to leave. The only person who can control your emotions is you. When you put yourself in the position to relive the pain of the incident over and over again, you are leaving control of your emotions to the person who disappointed you.

“We should teach to forgive but also not to be hurtful. That would be more effective. “

José Ingenieros

Don’t hold onto negative feelings so you can look ahead

Get rid of negative emotions or anger will freeze you. Anger is just an outward sign of pain, fear, guilt, or frustration – feelings that you feel the moment you are being betrayed. Even if the pain will never completely go away, forgiveness can help you break away from anger and it will make you feel better.

There is more than just one form of forgiveness: some people find it easy to forgive, and others have to try and work harder to be able to forgive or even learn to forgive. For example, you could say to yourself, “I will no longer allow this to happen and I will not project my hatred, anger, or resentment onto that person.”

Always remember that incidents cannot be changed, but you can decide how to deal with them. To do this, you have to have a dialogue with yourself and write down what your inner being is telling you. If everything is negative, then try to find positive ways of thinking.

And in the end, you should never forget that nothing is perfect and that a mistake is present, no matter how hard we try to turn a blind eye to it. What we can influence, however, is what we make of it and how we deal with this ability, so that disappointment and the associated pain disappear from our lives as quickly as possible.

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