Foods You Should Never Eat or Drink After Age 30

As you age, your metabolism begins to change, and the foods that once gave you energy and kept you slim now have the potential to make you gain weight. Here are some of the worst offenders – avoid them if you want to stay looking and feeling young!

Popcorn Foods

Here are some of the worst offenders

Popcorn might be a childhood favorite, but by the time you reach 30 years old it’s best to avoid eating or drinking anything with added salt. Here are some things that should never cross your lips after age thirty:
-Popcorns (even “natural” ones) because they’re packed full of carbohydrates which cause blood sugar spikes and subsequent crashes– this leads people into an cycle where their bodies feel hungry more often than not! It can also lead them towards packing on extra pounds as well if done often enough over time…not good when trying lose weight.

White bread


Bread has always been a staple in our diets, but did you know the problem with white bread? It turns out that it’s very similar to sugary soft drinks – they’re transformed into fat and stored by your body. So if weight loss is something on your mind then I recommend avoiding these tempting treats all together or at least choosing whole wheat for an extra boost!

Soy Sauce


Soy sauce is made of four basic ingredients: wheat, soybeans salt and mold/yeast. These are not things that sound too dangerous but did you realize it’s high in sodium? May also have MSG (a flavor enhancer) which has been linked to cancer causes too!

Canned vegetables Foods

Canned vegetables are great because they’re always fresh. But the cans themselves may not be as unconditionally pure and healthy than you think – many contain a harmful chemical called bisphenol A (BPA). For example, this coating on store-brandprivate brussels sprouts can make them less appetizing when compared with Whole Foods’ private label version of these same veggies!
This has become an increasingly popular topic over recent years thanks largely due to studies shows how much impact low levels exposure might have long term health impacts including increased risks diabetes or heart disease later down life


The granola is a tasty but unhealthy breakfast choice that can easily top out at six hundred calories, or about the same as two slices of bread with peanut butter and jam. You should prepare your oatmeal bowl in such away so you don’t end up gaining weight from all those sugars!

Frozen Yogurt

What’s not to love about frozen yogurt? A recent study found that some people are more likely than others when it comes down their health. This may be due, in part at least because of your genes! You can take this as an indicator on whether or how often you should consume dairy products like ice cream and milk-based yogurts (notably those low fat). The unfortunate news is there could also have been findings which show high levels among certain groups–including African Americans with 12% greater odds factor vs whites -and individuals who had eaten lots over time showed worse scores even after controlling other factors.

Muesli bar

Muesli bars are not good for your health. The high-sugar content can give you a stomachache and make it hard to lose weight if that’s what you’re trying, plus they contain all sorts of artificial ingredients like preservatives or flavourings which don’t sound too appealing on their own let alone mixed together!

Flavored yogurt

Flavored yogurts are not healthy and can lead to weight gain, proposed research shows. A study recently published in Nutrition Research suggests that the artificial sweeteners used in many flavors of milk-based yogurt may actually cause more harm than good by disrupting our body’s natural balance between fat storage or burning off calories when we eat them later on down stream .

Salad dressings Foods

salad dressings are poison!
If you thought that salads were healthy, think again. These probably contain some crazy chemicals and preservatives which will only make your health worse over time- not to mention the fact they’re just plain old bad for our digestive systems in general (the bacteria eating up all those fiber?).

Zero-calorie soft drinks

Soft drinks are not good for the human body. Soft drink contains artificial sweeteners which can cause weight gain, diabetes and other diseases in future if consumed regularly
A lot of people think that they’re doing good by drinking diet pop but this could actually end up making your health worse since most zero-calorie beverages containartificial ingredients such as saccharin or cyclamate . These substances don’t provide any nutritional value so it’s best just to avoid them altogether!

Drinks with a high amount of caffeine

harmful to your health. The side effects of caffeine can lead you into an unhealthy lifestyle and a cycle where you become more dependent on drinks with higher amounts in them, which is never good for anyone! Imagine if everyone stopped drinking coffee or soda because they knew how bad it would be? That doesn’t sound very likely now does it?”

Fat-free sweets


Giving up fat-free sweets can help you stay fit and healthy.
A recent study found that people who eat this type of sugar are more likely to gain weight than those with low rates or none at all! The researchers think it has something do with how these carbohydrates stimulate insulin production which makes our bodies store calories as fats rather then burning them off, thus leading us towards obesity over time if we keep consuming too much like an addiction does – just remember: OM Greta Garbo once said “Each day I wake Up new weakness”.

Nut Butters


Nut butters have been a staple in the diets of many Americans for years. What most don’t know, though is that they can be bad for your health and should not be consumed by those with certain medical conditions or on medication – which means you! The truth about these popular snacks might surprise some people: namely how high their fat content really is (or whether there’s even such thing as “light” versions). One review study published last year found evidence linking peanut butter consumption to heart disease; its jammed-with-saturated fats similar enough…to write home about?



Who would have thought that the most delicious thing in this world could be so dangerous to your well-being? Bacon is bad for you, and it’s time we stop stuffing our faces with these tasty treats.
The meat of pigs contains sodium nitrate which can lead to health problems like heart disease or even cancer if consumed regularly over long periods There are studies showing links between eating bacon at least once per week and early death from any cause – what does “regularly” mean anyway!? It doesn’t sound too good when I say there may actually come into play here…



The saying goes, “Drunkorexia.” Cocktails are bad for your health! They can cause you to eat more than is good. The combination of alcohol and other substances in them means that we don’t really know what impact they’ll have on our body after drinking one – some people do better with others while others cannot tolerate any type at all? Interesting fact I learned recently- there was actually an article written about this very topic just last year (2017). You might want check it out if cocktails interest or concern you as well!”


We hope this list of foods to avoid has been helpful. While it’s not an exhaustive list, these are some of the most common offenders. If you have any questions about other foods or drinks that may be harmful to your health as you age, please consult with your doctor. And remember, just because a food is good for someone in their 20s doesn’t mean it’s still good for them when they reach 30 – and beyond! Thanks for reading.

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