Fear Will Never Go Away

Fear will never go away

The assumption that fear will never go away can lead to even more fear. Just the thought of it makes your heart beat faster. This is something completely natural, or at least understandable. Society has taught you to flee fear instead of simply embracing it. Most importantly, you have learned to avoid fear even if you don’t know whether it will manifest or not.

This feeling, which we often call “negative”, is always present. As much as you try to suppress it, it is impossible because it plays an important role in your survival: fear puts you in a state of alarm and prepares you to react to possible danger.

This was very helpful thousands of years ago when humans were regularly exposed to real dangers. Today, however, we usually live very quietly and our fears have changed significantly. They have changed so much that your instinctive fight or flight behavior has become practically useless. In other words, in those situations where you are really at risk, you are much less afraid today. But in those who do not threaten your physical integrity, you get sick with fear.

Is your life really in danger when you have to give a lecture at college or at work? Will you die if you break up with your partner or if they break up with you? The fears that arise from these situations are other, new fears. They don’t endanger you, even if they may get in the way of satisfying your needs. In fact, they make you react in a way that doesn’t bring you one step closer to a solution.

Sometimes we even let fear paralyze us. That would have resulted in death thousands of years ago. This is why your fear wants you to act right away instead of staying calm and changing your course wisely.

Change makes you grow

Fear will never entirely go away because there will always be changes in your life. For example, if you are thinking of starting a business, you are likely to be afraid of failing. Likewise, you are afraid of not getting the income you need or that others will laugh at your mistakes. Nevertheless, it is good if you start your own business because, no matter what, you have approached your goal and grow as a person.

Your fear becomes a problem when you hide behind it instead of facing it. In other words, if you stay in your comfort zone without taking a risk and venturing into something that could compromise your current sense of security. And then you start to imagine all the terrible things that could happen when in reality no one knows what the future will bring. With these thoughts in mind, you keep stepping on the same spot as hours, days and years go by. Over time, you feel lifeless, like you have no more goals in life. 

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Yes, it’s nice and certainly very safe in your comfort zone. At the same time, you are adopting a passive stance here. So much so that if it were a garden nothing would grow in it but weeds. The reason it is so tempting to be in your comfort zone is because it makes you feel good. In it you are safe and stay healthy. However, there can also be a feeling that you are wasting your time and wasting opportunities. And you wouldn’t be so wrong with that.

People who are afraid of change often envy those who take risks and constantly step out of their comfort zone. Something in these people is screaming “ Do something! ”Or“ You also have dreams and wishes, follow them! “. For a moment, you may feel an urge to take action. But when it is time to act, you decide to just stay where you are and just do nothing.

Use fear in your favor

Even if you try to run, the fear will never go away. There will always be situations that surprise you and throw your everyday routine completely out of focus. Then your comfort zone is shaken and you feel fear. And you have the opportunity to make a decision: If your fears get in the way, remember that all of your desires are on the other side. Do you really want to give up on your dreams?

How can it be that fear never goes away? How can you handle her better? How can you use them in your favor? To do this, we give you two quick pieces of advice. Although they may seem simple at first glance, we often do not use them in the moment of truth. However, if you want to finally put an end to these very restrictive fears, you can get really good results with the following tips:

  • If fear paralyzes you, do not think long, act! Once that feeling of fear begins to paralyze you, you need to stop thinking about it. Your mind is very powerful. Block these thoughts and just act without brooding over them. As soon as you take action, you will find that your anxiety subsides.
  • Use your fear as a source of motivation. If something scares you, use that emotion to turn it into something positive. Let fear become your driving force. For example, if you are afraid of starting your own business, use that fear to motivate yourself so that you can better prepare and look for ways that you can feel more confident about yourself. For example, talk to people who can help you or find experienced partners for your business.
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Since fear will never go away, it is better to make it your ally. Fear can help you overcome hurdles and realize that you have more options. Remember that even as you move forward and grow, your fears are still there. However, you can begin to use your fears in your favor to get what you want.

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